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Surviving Hollywood: 4 Long Celebrity Marriages

Celebrities are often known for their many relationships, and are commonly laughed at when they get married due to the fact that the public knows it won’t last long. But dozens of celebrity couples have withstood the test of time, and found a way to make their marriage work even with all the distractions, temptations and fame.

To make a marriage last as long as these power couples, it takes support, unconditional love and trust. Form your relationship with a strong base and follow the expectations and rules every marriage has: no cheating, till death do us part, etc.

Now, here’s a look at some celebrity couples who are still happily married after decades together:

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw

For over 15 years this power couple have been making sweet music together in their marriage. Romance is apparent in this marriage: husband McGraw loves to surprise his wife and make her feel like a queen. For their 10th wedding anniversary he set up a four-poster bed in a meadow on their farm in Tennessee and rented a movie projector so they could watch all her favorite movies together in bed under the stars.

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos

This adorable celebrity couple met while on the set of the soap opera show “All My Children” in 1995 and married a year later. Still happily married, they have four children together. Recently, Ripa has been making waves as the host of the popular morning show “Live with Kelly Michael,” which was previously known as “Live with Regis Kelly” until he retired in 2011.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson

This famous celebrity couple has been married since 1985 with two children. Hanks told People Magazine in 2008 that his marriage has lasted because he was lucky enough to find his soul mate. “My secret to a happy marriage is just being married to the right woman. I’m the luckiest man alive.”

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick

Bacon and Sedgwick have done a pretty good job through the years avoiding Hollywood gossip and rumors. They met while filming “Lemon Sky” and have been attached at the hip ever since. They got married in 1988 and have two children. The recent work of Sedgwick includes a role in TNT’s long-running drama “The Closer.”

Bacon, of course, is most famously known for his roles in “Footloose,” “Apollo 13” and “Hollow Man.” This couple has managed to balance work and personal life, which any couple should strive for.

That’s what makes great celebrity marriages: genuine emotions. We want to see celebrities in human situations, so we can say, “Dude they are just like us!” It tells a story when they’re doing things. An artificial picture says nothing except some fun pictures of some fun celebrity faces … we want more!

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