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What Will Your Guests Remember About Your Wedding

Guest Post By Sarah Gass

Your wedding is perhaps the biggest day of your life, comparable to only the birth of your children or moving into your first home. The difference with a wedding day is that it is shared with dozens of your friends and family and you have more control over how the day turns out.

Your wedding day creates hundreds of memories for you and your partner as well as all of your guests, so it’s important that your big day makes the best possible impression and leaves only happy memories. The factors that may really stand out for you may not be the things that make the biggest impression on your guests, they more than likely won’t remember what the groom’s suit looked like, but they will remember things like the favours and what was served for dessert.

The speeches at the reception can really make or break people’s impression; too long and your guests will get bored and it is very obvious if your groomsman isn’t comfortable or unprepared, so don’t insist on them making a speech if they aren’t completely happy with the idea. Likewise, a great speech with funny anecdotes, just the right amount of sentimentality and not too many ‘in jokes’ can be a highlight that your guests talk about for years to come.

Photo Courtesy of ShutterBooth

Your entertainment is another factor that can make a lasting impression on your guests for all the right reasons. As well as just the traditional band or DJ, you can treat your guests to some more interactive entertainment to make your wedding reception go with a bang. Party photo booths are becoming increasingly popular as they provide entertainment for the whole of your reception and your guests can take home their own photos as a memento of your big day. Instead of having a traditional guest book that sits in the corner of the room and gets ignored by lots of your guests, you could ask your guests to pin up one of their photos on a board next to the photo booth with a short message as a guest book that you can display after your wedding.


Wedding favours are another way that you can add a personal touch to your wedding that your guests can take home with them. Try non-traditional favours that really say something about you as a couple and can be kept, for example you could give all of your guests some wildflower seeds with a message on the packet so they can grow the flowers and reminisce about your wedding when they see you (don’t worry, it requires absolutely no gardening skill!). A tea light candle in a personalised holder is another idea for a favour that lasts for a long time after your wedding and can really be appreciated.


Photo Courtesy of Swensen Photography

Your guests will remember both the good things and bad things from your big day so one of the best ways to make sure that their memories are predominantly happy and positive make sure that you plan, plan and plan some more! Make sure that you have a back-up plan as well, like a marquee in case it rains for outdoor receptions and another meal option for guests with special dietary requirements so everybody feels taken care of and thinks of your big day fondly long after the event.

Photo By Swensen Photography – Car By Something Vintage Something Blue

Megabooth are a unique photo booth company who strive to come up with new creative solutions using photography. By building photo booths in the back of vintage cars Megabooth creates a whole experience for guests to enjoy at the event as well as going home with a lifetime momento.

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