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Adding Fun & Creativity to Your Wedding ~ Smile Now!….Photobooths

We are lucky enough to live in an amazing time.  Weddings have truly become unique celebrations of great love. Instead of the same old traditions, today’s couples are encouraged to customize their weddings to their specific tastes, styles, and personalities. Long gone are the days of standing in a wedding line to greet unknown people for hours (all while missing the party). A time of true celebration is upon us and Smile Now!…Photo Booths are proud to be a part of it.

What is so unique about Smile Now!….Photo Booths? We make it easy for your guests to celebrate right along with you! As well as get a sugary treat to take home! There are a lot of things to worry about when planning a wedding. How to entertain your guests shouldn’t be one of them. Smile Now Photo Booths helps alleviate the burden of making sure guests have a good time, and the worry of “what to do for favors”. Our photo booths provides hours of smiles and laughs all while creating the wedding memories that will last forever. And, because our booths provide two copies of every delightful memory caught on film, guests leave your wedding with a cherished favor and you both have a copy of something that lasts forever! Unique candy & dessert buffets allow the couple to share their favorite  treats with the guests!

You’ve heard the saying, and we agree, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” But words are important, too, and here’s what some of our clients are saying about Smile Now Photo Booths:

“OH! My picture from the last wedding we attended is on the fridge. I simply love it!”

“Chocolate, caramel marshmallows….are you kidding me? Yummy”

“We just love looking at all the great photos our guests took at our wedding! I’m so glad we did this!”

“What a great way to entertain our guests! Everyone went home with a smile & a treat!”

“Our buffet was amazing…they found all our favorite candies…even ones we didn’t know they made anymore”

Our photos help tell a story and some of the best wedding stories are created in our photo booths. A quick example: There always seems to be that one guest who doesn’t want to try it out. In fact, and one particular event, we even heard a certain older guest say….”I am not getting in that silly booth….I cannot believe we paid money for that thing.”  However, just a short 30 minutes later, here comes that same guest with his grandson in hand, and they both got in the booth and began to ham it up for the camera with a fake mustache. And later that night, you can only guess who was constantly getting in and out of the photo booth with other guests (NOT the grandson)!!!

Here are some creative ways to incorporate our photo booth into your special day:

  • Use our booth prior to your big day and then include the film strip in your save the date or thank you cards! Extra bonus: The photo booth makes the tedious task of sending thank you cards fun, because all you have to do is add a note to the strip and your cards are ready to go!
  • Have a funny photo contest at your wedding! Let guests cast their votes and the winner takes home the extra wedding cake!
  • Let guests disguise themselves with photo booth props and then see if you can guess who they are. You’ll be amazed who you see with the crazy mustache and boa on!

In addition to adding a fun, creative element to your wedding, the most important thing to remember is that Smile Now Photo Booth helps you capture the moments that mean the most. After all, your wedding may only last one night but the memories we capture will last a lifetime.

The best thing about a candy/dessert buffet is….you choose all the elements from the candy all the way down to the label! Everything is custom to your wedding!  Candy allows for so many options, you can choose candy only in your colors or choose everyone’s favorite items….this is a great way to incorporate your parents and wedding party!

Our custom designed guest books are amazing! They are built from the ground up by the bride herself! She gets to choose every detail down to the binding style.  The books are built to handle the photo strip.  Each page has pre-printed area where we glue down the photo strip and each set of photos get their very own page for a sentiment!  We have seen amazing things go in guest books from money to airline tickets!

Our photo booths and candy buffets work hand in hand!  We love to have the candy near the photo booth so that we can package up the photo strip in the bag with the candy!  We seal it all off with a cute label they couple gets to design!

Smile Now!….Photobooths is a sponsor of the upcoming Summer Bridal Extravaganza at LaCaille on July 16th, where one lucky bride will win the wedding of her dreams valued at $100,000 including a candy buffet for your reception provided by Smile Now Photobooths.

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