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Dream Wedding Winners

We are coming up on our Grand America Bridal show this weekend, but last July we held our annual Summer Bridal Extravaganza at LaCaille.  At that show we give away a Dream Wedding to one lucky couple.  We are excited to follow them as they plan their big day this upcoming April at LaCaille.  Congratulations to Jennifer and Chris, we look forward to periodically hearing from you over the next few months.  Here is their story.
My name is Jennifer, I am 32-years-old, and have been a single mother/father to an amazing 8-year-old, Jadelyn, since she was 1.  Life hasn’t always been easy, but I have had the unending support of my family from day one.  Believe it or not, Chris and I met on Twitter almost 3 years ago, first following each other, then becoming friends on Facebook, and then meeting in real life running into each other when we were with our then significant others.  From then on we became the friends that knew when the other needed uplifting or advice, and kept in touch with other as a shoulder to lean on.  In October 2012 we were both single, and started hanging out as friends with no intentions of dating, just simply catching up as friends.  On November 8, 2012 we went on our first date. 🙂  Even after this we had no idea our love story was beginning to grow into our happily ever after.  We made our relationship official a month later, taking things a day at a time, and found ourselves in love in a way we never felt before….everything just seemed to fall into place on its own with us like in the movies.  In December 2012, Chris moved to Nevada to take a new job opportunity that would eventually turn into a transfer back home to Utah.  We both knew it would be a lot of emotional and mental support to carry a long distance relationship, but we accepted the challenge as something great for us in the end.  To this day we still carry our love over the miles, but we love as if we are inches apart. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”  Crossing our fingers that he will be transferred home by February 2014! 🙂
When I attended the bridal show at La Caille in July 2013, I had no idea that browsing for a fun day with my best girlfriend would turn into all my childhood dreams coming true.  When we sat there waiting for them to announce the dream wedding winner, I never imagined my name would be the one they called.  No words could ever describe the way my heart stopped for that moment, and the endless tears that came out when it all sunk in what had just happened.  I watch the video clip from that day over and over, and I still cry every time I see it. 🙂 http://vimeo.com/70875300 (start at about 1:50)
Around Christmas, Chris called me upstairs as we were getting ready to leave for the day.  I went up thinking he needed help with the baby (Eathan), and as I reached Eathan’s room Chris was down on one knee with Eathan standing in front him holding the ring box.  He then asked if I would marry them both.  Of course I said yes!  The most wonderful and unexplainable part of being engaged was knowing that we had my parent’s blessing and excitement.  Chris had asked both my parents permission, not just my dad’s.  Being on my own with Jadelyn all these years has always been what I accepted our life to be.  Finding the man of “our” dreams…someone who loved me for me and saw all my flaws as something perfect in their eyes, and who accepted my daughter as their own was more than I could ever wish for.
Now that we are in the initial stages of our wedding planning with just 100 days to go, and knowing all that we are being blessed with in this package, I can’t even begin to explain how thankful and blessed we feel.  Every girl always dreams of having a fairy tale wedding like they see in the movies, but they never actually believe that it could come true.  I come from a very humble family and I didn’t have much growing up.  I am a very simple woman, and being a single mother all these years had me accept that if I ever married one day it would be the most basic wedding with my closest family and friends.  Now, I get to have all that and even more than my family and I could ever imagine.
In advance of all the planning that is now kicked off, Chris and I and our families will be forever thankful to the following vendors that are part of this dream wedding package and for helping our dreams literally come true:
La Caille: for the beautiful dream venue, ceremony, dinner, and reception
All Points Travel: for our upcoming honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera, Cancun
Bridal Closet: for helping me have the dress of my dreams
Swensen Photography: for our upcoming engagements, my bridals, and capturing our wedding day
Sugar Kisses: for our wedding cake
Something Vintage Something Blue: for use of one of their vintage cars for my bridals and send off on our wedding day
Wedding Dreamer: for our floral arrangements
Mens Rings 4 Less: for Chris’s wedding band
Smile Now!: for our candy buffet at the wedding
Shutter Booth: for our photo booth at the wedding
Versa Artisty: for my hair and makeup the day of the wedding
Life Of The Party: the dj providing their services on our wedding day
Tuxedos By Lee: for all of the tuxedo rentals
I know there will be more people and vendors we will be working with, and I will gladly be sharing those experiences with you in the next three months as we plan our “DREAM WEDDING” that will be unfolding on April 5, 2014. 🙂  Thank you all again!  Love, Jennifer
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