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How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding~Wedding Planning

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Your wedding day is one of the most important & special days of your lives.  Both the bride and the groom should have a special personal touch that means something personally to each of them as well as together as a couple.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant although it certainly can be, but really it is about the experience that you as a couple will have on this special day.  Here are some ideas that might help add your personal touch.

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Ideas for the bride:

Add your favorite color to your wedding~whether it is a main color or an accent color, if you love it add it & make sure you coordinate around your favorite color to give the perfect look you are wanting.

Be creative ~ Think of things that are important to you (friends, family, reading, movies, education, hobbies, etc…)  & tie those into your wedding in a new, original way.  This way it shows your guests a little bit about you, your dreams, & what makes you happy.  It could be something as simple as having a table for the bride & a table for the groom that showcases your individual loves.  This is a great way to tie in on your wedding video too.  Hiring the right videographer to help you be creative in this aspect is essential.

Theme your Wedding~ If you want to personalize your wedding choose a theme that fits your personality & style whether as a couple or individual assuming your fiance is on board.  Themed weddings aren’t just for you but also for your guests.  Everyone enjoys a fun filled themed wedding.

Sentimental ~ Adding something of importance from your mom or grandmother is always something you would treasure.  Wearing a special necklace, bracelet, ring or something that is meaningful to you could help tie in that special relative especially if they have passed.  You can always use it as decor on your bridal bouquet as well.  I have seen this done & it can be done beautifully with the help of the right florist.

Don’t have regrets ~ One of my biggest regrets is not inviting all of my closest friends.  I had to limit my list & my dearest friends had to be taken off the list.  If I were to do it all over again I would have kept them on the list.  Oh how I wish they were there to share in that special day with us.  I was trying to be courteous of the fact that my in laws were paying for the luncheon so I limited my guests to just a couple of close friends & family.  (We have a large family so it made it difficult to cut).

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Ideas for the groom:

-Grooms cake~ Why not have a fun personalized grooms cake that really showcases your personality.  This is a great compromise for brides because many brides want to have pretty things at their wedding.  Sometimes it is hard to add that groom touch but a grooms cake is the perfect way to do so.

-Share Generations of Love~ How fun to share your experience & that of those in your family that married before you.  You could showcase the love & wedding pictures of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc…  that really showcased the history of love from generations before you.  This would be something personal yet interesting & fun to see for all your wedding guests as well.  You could even showcase it as “A Long Line of Love”.

-Get Involved in the Planning~ We know that this day is important to us women as we’ve been planning & preparing since we were little girls.  But really you are equally important in this day & should have an opinion about what things you want & don’t want to happen on this day.  Share your thoughts, be there during the planning & get involved.  I am so thankful that my husband shared his thoughts & opinions with me as we planned our wedding.  If your fiance is attending bridal shows be sure to go with her.  Make a fun day out of it.  It really helps her know just how much she means to you & how excited you are to get married.

-Grooms table~ Why not have a grooms table where you can showcase a little bit about who you are.  Your favorite things (sports, movies, hunting, work, books) that make you who you are.  It would be fun for each of you to have your own table & then write a letter to display for your guests that starts with “Reasons why I love you”.  This would be an amazing memory to share with your children later too & great reminder as to why you choose to get married.

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Ideas as a couple:

-Share your story~ Your guests want to hear how you met, fell in love & ultimately got engaged.  Share your story in a fun & creative way at your wedding so your guests don’t have to wonder.

-Showcase things you do together~ You can incorporate your favorite things you do together in your wedding in many different ways.  It could be your theme, in your colors or just special touches around the room.  Do whatever works for you.

-Work Together in the Planning~ Figure out what is most important to each of you individually & expand on how you can work together to get the perfect wedding for BOTH of you.

-Communicate~ This is the biggest piece of wedding advice I can give to you.  Be sure to communicate with each other.  Share your excitement, concern, fears & desires with each other.  If you don’t talk about it how will they know.  You both want the same thing.  An amazing day filled with love, happiness & family unity.  Decide together how you can best make it happen.

-Plan a honeymoon~ After all the planning is over you deserve to relax and enjoy each other as a newly married couple.  Choose a honeymoon that reflects you as a couple & plan activities you both will enjoy.  Honeymoon’s are a must. 🙂

One last thing to remember as you are planning your wedding.  Remember that it won’t be perfect.  Things will happen & be ready to roll with the punches.  Your wedding is just like life, sometimes things turn out as planned & perfect & other times disasters happen.  If you learn to accept those disasters as just a minor thing, you will see the big picture.  The picture of happiness with your spouse & a day you will remember where you shared vows with each other to always be true, faithful & keep each other happy.  Isn’t that the most important anyway.

If you are needing help planning & designing your wedding be sure to check out the amazing wedding planners & designers we have on our website.  We have some incredible talent here in Utah that can help you come up with the perfect ideas for you & help carry out with each lasting detail.  You can find their contact information HERE.

Best wishes as you plan you move forward in all your fun wedding plans.  🙂  Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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