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Over the last several months we have posted some really fun blogs about unique wedding traditions and customs.  Here are a few more we found that we thought you would find interesting.

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WHY BRIDES WHERE WHITE – The color white has been a symbol of joy, happiness and celebration since very early in Roman times. But brides didn’t always wear white.  In the 18th century, brides simply wore their Sunday best.  Red was a favorite during the middle ages in Europe and still is in some Asian cultures.  Other colors were often worn for symbolic reasons;  blue for constancy, green for youth (not wealth?!) and so on.  The color white also came to be a symbol wealth and stature as many people didn’t have the disposable income to own such a garment that was bound to get dirty and then could never be worn again.  (guess they didn’t know about bleach) It wasn’t until sometime in the early 20th century that the color white came to symbolize purity.  Now white is generally acceptable to be worn by any bride, regardless of her age or “purity”.  Some brides are even opting for other colors such as Rum pink, Platinum silver, Champagne gold, etc … though these colors have little meaning, it is just a fashion statement.

What Does RSVP Mean? The abbreviation RSVP actually stands for “R�pondez, S’il Vous Pla�t”, which is a French term meaning “please respond”. So this means that the little notice “Please RSVP” that we always put in our invitations is actually saying the same thing twice; opps!
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GIVING OF THE BRIDE – Back in the days of women having few privileges and even fewer personal rights, the bride was literally given away like property to the groom by her father.  Usually this was a trade of sorts, in exchange for some sort of monetary gain or social stature.  Today, it is seen as the symbolic blessing of the brides family in that they support the union.  This can also be seen as a promise of continued support, trust and affection.  Today when the question is asked by a clergy during the ceremony, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man,” the father’s response is usually, “Her mother and I”

THE GROOMS CAKE – actually referred to as the wedding cake and the fancier cake was called the brides cake.  The grooms cake was usually a fruit cake and was cut into slices and passed out as favors to the guests and taken home.  One superstition was if an unmarried young girl would put the cake under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband.  Nowadays the grooms cake is usually chocolate though it can be anything the groom likes as it’s main purpose now is to give the groom a special part of the wedding.  Many brides order the grooms cake as a secret and have it shaped and/or decorated to reflect the grooms’ personality, interests or hobbies. You could also have him pick it out himself.  It is usually served at the reception but some brides have been known to serve the grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner.  This works especially well for those with a smaller guest list.
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WHY SO MANY SUMMER WEDDINGS? – This is believed to have started in the late 1500’s … most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and they still smelled pretty good by June.  So why didn’t they just get married in May?  I thought the same thing myself, but May was actually seen as a bad time to marry. June was seen as a better time for many reasons; one being that June was known as the “month of roses” and roses were, and still are, considered a symbol of love. The warm weather of the time has a lot to do with it too; good weather often meant that the ‘gods’ were smiling on you.  Another reason June is so popular has to do with who the month was named after; “Juno”, the Roman ‘goddess’ of marriage.  So it makes sense that a month named for such a ‘goddess’ would be deemed best for a prosperous marriage.
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THE KISS – It was once thought that a newly married couple exchanged spirits with their breath as they kissed and that a part of their souls were exchanged as well.  This is another way of symbolizing the whole “Two become one” thing.  Now it is just an act to define the new married status and “seal it with a kiss”

WHY WEDDING FAVORS? – We give favors today as a little token of thanks for all our guests that come out to share our day.  (and give gifts) The tradition of guest favors comes from the idea that the happy couple have been blessed with good fortune and are “lucky in love”.  Therefore the favors are a way to not only thank guests for coming but also to symbolically pass on the “good luck”

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