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Three Values to Keep Your Marriage Strong~Marriage Advice~After the Wedding

Photo by~Swensen Photography

Every relationship goes through ups & downs.  It’s staying committed & working through the hard times when your character as a person & as a couple starts to come alive.  There are three core values that we want to share with you to keep your marriage strong, Respect, Love & Forgiveness.  These three values will be the key to keeping stay true to your commitment & keeping your marriage strong.

1. RESPECT~ Having respect for not only yourself but for your spouse is vital in your relationship.  How you show respect to each other lets the other person know how you feel in more ways then one.  Always showing kindness, patience & care for your spouse & their feelings will help cultivate your relationship.

2. LOVE~ You may think that love is a given when it comes to marriage.  Love is often thought of as a feeling but to me love is an action, something you do for another.  Everyone has their own needs, desires & ways they want to be loved.  Finding your spouses “Love Language”  is just part of the fun when it comes to loving your spouse.   Sometimes in your relationship you will have to set aside your own desires for your spouses needs & desires.  If your spouse is happy, then you will be too.  You don’t have to compromise everything but the needs of what you are wanting & what your spouse is wanting.  Then determine which one wants to have whatever you may be discussing more & go from there.  If I don’t want a dog in our home & on a scale from 1-10 (1 being not really care & 10 being really care) I would have to say I am a 8 on this matter but my husband in wanting a dog in our home is a 5 as he is neutral to wanting one.  Therefore we don’t have a dog in our home because my 8 is higher than his 5.  This is just an example & things could always change in the way you are feeling about things so be honest with your spouse & always discuss both of your needs with each other.  Be open with each other & share who you are & how you feel together as a couple.  Most importantly just love each other fully & completely.

3. FORGIVENESS~ This is one the most important values you will continuously use in your relationship.  That’s right, neither one of you are perfect.  You will be forgiving each other often for those stupid little things we all do.  You also will be forgiving each other for those big things you wish would not have happened.  Instead of taking these difficult things as a dagger to your self or your marriage, use your marriage skills & forgive each other.  Often times divorce happens because one partner or both aren’t willing to forgive an indiscretion (big or small).  Yes, there might be some huge waves to get through, but you can do it.  If you truly love each other make a commitment to continuously forgive each other for your mistakes.  We all are going to make them, that is just a fact, so forgive each other, move forward & grow stronger together through your trials.

I am so thankful for the trials in my own marriage.  It has brought us closer together & we have been able to find not only more about each other but also about ourselves as we continue our journey in this life together.  And what a wonderful journey my marriage is.  May you make your marriage a wonderful journey too.  🙂

Photo by~Swensen Photography

Photo by~Swensen Photography

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