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Tips to Tone Up and Reduce Stress While You Plan Your Wedding

No bride-to-be wants to be a clichĂ©. While your inner bridezilla may make an appearance or two during the engagement, and vanity shouldn’t matter on the wedding day, you know you want to be a hot, gorgeous bride. To look flawless on the most romantic day of your life and survive the stress of wedding planning, take a little time away from shopping and appointments to try the following exercises. It’ll be worth it.


As long as you have a quality pair of running shoes, hitting the pavement is an inexpensive way to burn those extra cake-tasting calories and clear your head after struggling to downsize the guest list. Especially as longer and warmer days approach, running outdoors will become your essential mental escape for releasing tension and stress. Any soon-to-be bride can commit to 30 minutes a day of running. According to Women’s Health Magazine, you can torch about 100 calories per mile and feel re-energized from the dopamine rush you get after 30 minutes of jogging. Invite your girlfriends to accompany you on a run and drop some pesky pounds before you try on wedding guest dresses from Macy’s. Visit active.com to sign up for 5K and 10K races with your bridesmaids. Running is addictive. You may just end up running a half marathon on your honeymoon!


Although Olympic weightlifting and quick, high-intensity workouts using medicine balls and kettlebells sounds intimidating, CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day) pull you out of your comfort zone and produce results. These are full-body workouts that help you tone and lose weight. You’ll see results such as defined shoulders, traps and lats that will make your dream strapless Monique Lhuillier wedding dress look stunning. A CrossFit transformation will put you in the best shape of your life and make those wedding pictures look phenomenal.

A CrossFit gym can be pricey, and for soon-to-be newlyweds on a wedding-planning budget, a membership can feel out of the question. Scope out local gyms in your area and ask about corporate as well as couples discounts. Starting CrossFit with your fiancé is an excellent way to connect during the engagement period. As a team, you can both slim down, tone up, build muscle and increase endurance. Among all the appointments and stressful wedding planning, reserve one hour at the gym as a time for you two to exert energy and spend time together. Your bond will strengthen as you tackle box jumps, burn through burpees and crank out sit-ups.


From child’s pose and downward dog to cobra pose and savasana, the practice of yoga has far-reaching physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Not only will you get in touch with your body, but you’ll become more in tune with your mind. Through yoga, a soon-to-be-bride can develop self-awareness and engage in mindful relaxation, as well as improve her strength and flexibility. Also, the yoga discipline heavily focuses on breathing, and with optimal breathing exercises, you can lessen the emotional stress of wedding planning and actually enjoy one of the most romantic times of your life. Yoga postures, asanas and and vinyasa flows will prepare your mind and sculpt a beach-ready body for your dream honeymoon.

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Courtney Bloom Courtney is a yoga teacher and naturopath who writes for a variety of health and exercise blogs from her home in Maine.

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