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Unique Honeymoon Destinations For Those Who Walk Their Own Path

Are you one of those people who likes to travel off the beaten path?  Do you march to your own drum (and every other cliche out there).  While researching some information for a blog we stumbled upon some honeymoon experiences that would be perfect for the type of person who likes to think “outside the box” (another great cliche).

We found some honeymoons that while the normal person might not be all that excited about sure sounded like a lot of fun to us.  Here are some of the amazingly different unique honeymoons that we found. Obviously there are thousands of unique ideas, these are just a few we found.  Remember the best way to have the honeymoon that you want is to make sure and talk with a professional who can get you the best rates, the safest form of travel and make sure you do in fact have the honeymoon to remember.   Have fun day dreaming.

Set Sail In The Caribbean


“A romantic way to explore is by bareboat yacht charter – you hire a boat plus a skipper, perfect for couples who want to sail but don’t have the confidence to do it alone. The foredeck always gives a good amount of privacy while the skipper melts into the background at the stern.

“You’re responsible for feeding the skipper but you don’t have to eat together – somehow it just works. There is always the option to hire a cook too, or just go for a crewed yacht instead. Another option is to book a stay-and-sail holiday: pick a great hotel and add on a romantic three-day sail-away, crewed or bareboat.

“The British Virgin Islands (BVIs) are without doubt the best sailing grounds in the Caribbean – wonderfully romantic, clear water for snorkelling and diving, and well suited to novice sailors. You can island-hop in short reaches from one deserted cay to another and find wonderful anchorages, sometimes with just a single bar – which can often become quite lively, so it doesn’t all have to be about seclusion.

“For the ultimate in romance, visit coral-fringed Anegada Island, where you can feast on fresh lobster at Loblolly Bay.”

Take two to tango – Argentina

Enflame your newlywed passions by watching – or trying – the most passionate of dances: the tango

Argentine capital Buenos Airesis the fieriest spot to try it – as well as the place for excellent steaks, good red wine and Latino flair with a European twist.

Head to the city’s south – the districts of Constitución, La Boca, Barracas and San Telmo – for the best dance clubs. For a lavish musical show, head to the classic Bar Sur or El Viejo Almacén venues; to see locals in action, visit Niño Bien – set in a fantastic old ballroom, it is one of the city’s bestmilongas(social clubs).

For something more intimate, try Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso; here you can get cheap lessons, usually led by patient teachers who don’t complain when you tread on their toes. Or go to La Catedral, a trendy tango club in a converted warehouse where you can take a lesson first before getting involved.

Sleep out under the stars – Worldwide

Just you, your beloved and a few billion stars… Sometimes crowded is more romantic

There are many ways to spend an astronomical evening. Some are astronomically expensive, but worth it: “The Amangiri Resort (www.amanresorts.com) at Lake Powell in Utah is known as one of the best places for stargazing in the USA,” recommends Jane Anderson, editor of 101honeymoons.co.uk. “Some of the suites have ‘Sky Terraces’ – three protecting walls with the open sky above and plumped down quilts at the ready.”

There’s more great stargazing further south in the Americas. Chile’s Elqui Valley is scarcely inhabited (so little light pollution) and has a dry, thin atmosphere prone to delivering clear skies. Stay at the remote ElquiDomos (www.elquidomos.cl), where seven geodesic dome-rooms with removable roofs nestle amid the desertscape.

Night-sky observation doesn’t have to cost the earth. You could roll out a swag in the Australian Outback (perhaps around Uluru or in Western Australia’s Kimberley). You could ride out by camel into the Moroccan Sahara (from Merzouga) – low-cost trips generally include a campfire-cooked dinner and a bed of blankets. Or make like Lawrence of Arabia and spend the night in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

For more ideas, check out the International Dark Sky Association (www.darksky.org/IDSPlaces), which designates places with exceptional star-gazing and low light pollution as Dark Sky Preserves; sites range from Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park to Exmoor in Devon.

Stay In A Monastery – Why Not?

In addition to simple accommodations, monasteries and convents often offer their guests simple meals as well as opportunities to participate in daily prayer and work. Many monasteries and convents ask for a donation of $40 to $80 per night; others only ask for a free-will offering.

A few caveats. Not all monasteries accept couples, or even both men and women (although many do). Monasteries and convents exist primarily to house contemplative spiritual communities—which is to say, they’re not hotels. While travelers will find warm hospitality in these communities, they may also be asked to observe certain restrictions in order to preserve the peace. If you don’t mind such restrictions, then you might look into incorporating a monastery stay (or several stays, if your travels will be taking you far) into your honeymoon plans.

Catholic monasteries are not the only religious organizations offering hospitality to guests; search under “temple stays” for a variety of possibilities at Hindu and Buddhist temples in Asia.

There are a number of websites and books for finding monasteries that accept overnight guests; check with the individual monastery before making any firm plans.

A Private Island Retreat

Kaya Mawa is set on a rocky promontory on the southern tip of Likoma Island in the northern part of Lake Malawi. You are unlikely to be disturbed as the honeymoon suite is on its own tiny private island accessed only by a large kayak. Surrounding the lodge are long sandy beaches and crystal turquoise waters, great for snorkelling. With colourful villages to explore and long sandy beaches it is an idyllic spot for a honeymoon.

London – Venice on the Orient Express

All aboard for… the most iconic train journey in Europe

Full steam ahead: The Venice Simplon Orient Express may not get you all the way to the Orient as it used to in its heyday, but you won’t find a more stylish way of getting across Europe. The 1,071 mile journey takes 31 hours in surroundings that not only recapture the golden age of international railway travel, but are authentic into the bargain. Most of the carriages date back to the 1920s and 30s. If you do want to end in the mystic east, there’s one departure per year from Paris to Istanbul.

Be dive buddies – Maldives & Borneo

The perfect diving honeymoon simply must include a gorgeous tropical beach with white sand, swaying palms and turquoise water as far as the eye can see

“Serious divers might consider heading to the Cayman Islands or Thailand, where it’s possible to tie the knot underwater (your guests get dive tanks or snorkels; the boat captain signals the vows). The less gung-ho can try the Maldives – each tiny island has classic Robinson Crusoe-type features and is ringed by coral reef splendour. Head to the northern atolls for the least busy resorts and the chance to spend time with the sea’s gentle giants – mantas and whale sharks.

“The more adventurous should try Kapalai Resort, Borneo. This water village hovers over a crystal-clear lagoon where, from your deck, you can admire both glittering stars and brightly hued starfish. At dusk, tiny mandarinfish emerge, ascend and spawn. The next generation have been released into the sea. Inspiration, surely?”

Sleep in a four-poster – Kenya

The Star Beds at Loisaba Wilderness may be the best night’s sleep you never have

In your room at this dreamy lodge, perched on the edge of Kenya’s Laikipia Plateau, a handcrafted four-poster is wheeled out onto a lofty terrace. From this veranda stretches the hugeness of Africa – a ripple of hillsides, long grass and flat-topped acacia where lions bask and elephants gulp at waterholes.

Smart and smiling Samburu and Laikipiak Maasai warriors bring hot water and G&Ts, but nightfall brings the magic.

With just a thin veil of netting between you and the heavens, watch as stars shoot, planets twinkle and the Milky Way lords over all; a soundtrack of hyena laughs and who-knows-what-else shuffling about the bush will ensure you don’t sleep a wink. (www.loisaba.com)

Be Marooned on a Deserted Island – Cook Islands

A boat trip around the Cook Islands’ Aitutaki Lagoon with Captain Fantastic

“A boat trip around the Cook Islands’ Aitutaki Lagoon with Captain Fantastic (everyone knows him – just ask your hotel to put you in touch) involves visiting the best snorkelling spots in the lagoon, including one where it’s possible to see giant clams as large as you.

“However, the best part of the adventure is stepping ashore on Honeymoon Island, a tiny, white-sand motuwhere couples can plant a coconut palm together. While you’re digging, the captain whips up a lunch of fresh fish, salad and paw paw, served in a banana-leaf basket. For a little extra (around NZ$120 per person), he can arrange for you to stay the night alone here, with nothing but candlelight and stars to distract you. It feels like you’re the last two people on earth.”

For Those Who Love Extremes – Stay In An Ice Hotel

Not that most honeymooners need a reason to snuggle up, but what an experience to stay in a room completely made up of ice.  It is literally the coolest hotel in existence! The hotel also offers warmer accommodations and a bar, as well as excursions into nearby Norway or Lapland, where you can enjoy fishing, hunting, white water rafting, and much more, depending on the season. As the season progresses, some rooms no longer remain available, as they melt and are rebuilt each year, but if you and your mate are lovers of extremes, this may be the honeymoon location for you!

Plus You Will Have the Best View Of The Northern Lights

A bus will take the guests to the place that offers the best chance to see the magical phenomenon. It may be a place close to Jukkasjärvi or in the area of Abisko National Park, Nikkaluokta or Vittangi, locations about one hour’s bus ride from ICEHOTEL.

Wherever you go, make sure to be safe, follow local laws and customs and have a great time.  Check with your travel agent for the best ways to make your dream honeymoon come true.

Thanks To TravelChannel.com, unique-honeymoonideas.com, creativehoneymoonideas.info, divinecaroline.com, gohoneymooning.com.  For their information for this blog post.

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