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Planning Food for Your Wedding Reception~Utah Wedding Catering

Planning Your Food for Your Wedding Reception~Utah Wedding Catering

Image provided by: Wedding Dreamer

When deciding what to eat at your wedding there are so many options to choose from.  How do you really narrow it down.

Here are some simple tips for you when planning your menu.

1.Pick the right Caterer for you~ This can be a difficult task but we have made it a little easier by having some incredible options right here on our site just for you.  Be sure to check them out here.  We offer a great selection such as sweet chocolate indulgence, luscious ice cream or gelato, yummy italian style pizza & many specialty caterers that will create a menu specifically for you.  You can’t go wrong with one of our amazing vendors.

2.  Count your Guests~ Remember that caterers typically charge by the head count so when you are deciding on how many guests to invite be sure you keep that in mind.

3.  Have a Budget~ When you have a budget it can make it easier to decide exactly how much food you can have.  You may need to change your menu or your guest list depending on what you really want.  Remember you may have to be flexible when you are trying to stick with a budget.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have what you want.  Just keep in mind that if you want a full dinner buffet at your wedding reception & your budget only allows for 100 guests but you have 200 guests then you will either need to change your guest list, change your menu or add to your budget.

4.  Keep it Simple~ To be honest it isn’t about what kind of food you are serving, it is about celebrating you & your life with your new spouse.  So does there need to be food, of course there does but it doesn’t have to be a full meal at your reception.  Most of your reception guests are going to wish you well, give you a gift & show that they are supporting you by attending.  Not everyone that you invite to your reception will even eat.  I have been told to plan on about 2/3 of your invited guests to eat.  May I suggest to ask your caterer how many guests to plan on for sure though.

Images Provided by: Simply Sweet

5.  Make it Look FANTASTIC~ Food isn’t just about the taste.  It is all about creating the perfect look as well as making sure it tastes good.  Our caterers can do just that.  They know how to create the perfect ensemble of food & display it so it looks just as spectacular as it tastes.

Planning your food should be fun.  So be sure to take your fiance & enjoy planning your menu together.

Here are some fun food ideas for your wedding reception: Crepe bar, Ice cream or Gelato bar, Dessert table, Appetizer table, Candy Buffet,  Cotton Candy, Chocolate Fountain with yummy fruit & a full meal buffet.  The sky is the limit when it comes to food & you can even coordinate your wedding colors with your food.  Have fun planning your menu.

Image provided by: Wedding Dreamer

Image Provided by: Wedding Dreamer

Image provided by: Temple Square Hospitality

Image provided by: Temple Square Hospitality

Image provided by: Temple Square Hospitality

Image provided by: Dolcetti Gelato

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