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The Cutest Part of The Wedding ~ The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Lets face it, kids are cute.  And the ring bearer and flower girl (next to the bride and groom) tend to be the most popular part of the wedding procession, in some cases they may outshine the bride and groom.  Hey, just being h0nest here.  We thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about the history of these wedding favorites.

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The Page (first documented in the Medieval era), a young servant boy, was responsible for carrying the train of the bride’s dress along with a prayer book and in some ceremonies, the rings to be exchanged between the bride and groom. Because of the importance of the dress duties, the Page was to be no younger than seven years old. This tradition has continued into modern times. A pillow was incorporated due to the wealth that it represented (pillows were a scarce commodity) as well as the symbolism of good fortune for the couple. Rings were tied or secured onto the pillow for the Page to deliver to the altar for exchange.

The role of the ring bearer in today’s wedding ceremonies has evolved slightly as often symbolic rings are secured to the pillow rather than the actual rings exchanged (usually kept in the care of the best man). Another change has been the removal of the dress duties. Most ring bearers now precede the bride as opposed to following behind. Pillows are still frequently used, however, to make it easier for younger ring bearers sometimes a teddy bear or other personal item is utilized for carrying the rings. In some cases a family pet takes the place of a human ring bearer for an added personal touch.

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The flower girl can be traced all the way back to the Romans. Then, they preceded the bride and wore white gowns, that would probably be used for more than just the wedding day. Since then the flower girl has continued to be a wedding tradition, as most brides continue to include at least one special little girl to be a part of her big day. What, though, is the flower girl’s purpose in the wedding? Why does she throw down flower petals?

There are a few things that the flower girl symbolizes in weddings. Youth and innocence are great examples. These little ones are shining reminders of the beauty, wonder, and joy of youth. This reminder is followed by a picture of the transition thereof from a young girl to a stunning bride.

Another symbol that the flower girl represents is the existence of children in the wonderful bondage of love. Having children in your wedding is a show of love for children, especially the ones chosen to be a part of the wedding, and can symbolize wishes for future children to be had by the happy couple.

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The flower petals are used to welcome the bride to the altar, but the petals weren’t the only things used by flower girls in the past, and past items had different meanings. Items such as herbs, grains, and garlic have been scattered by the little ones over the years. These items have been used as a calling for fertility as well as keeping evil spirits at bay.

Today it seems that the flower girl is a tradition that is kept for the beauty and charm that a child can bring to a ceremony. Though many people may not realize the symbolism that exists, I think that it is strongly implied. Most people want to include the ones that they love in their wedding, and, at least in my case, we receive great joy by bestowing such an honor to a young one that is loved so much.

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