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Photo Booth Bus ~ Feature Friday

We are excited to feature the unique and fantastic Photo Booth Bus on the blog today! Such a fun addition to any wedding or event!
Photo Booth Bus is a Photo Booth Rental, inside a VW Bus!!  This is the most unique photo booth available!
Photo Booth Bus is based in Utah, but serves Utah and the west coast states including Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona to name a few! In-N-Out of state pricing on our website at photoboothbus.com.

Let this gorgeous, fun, fully restored VW bus that is fully equipped with the latest software and camera equipment be the life of your party and deliver fun pics/wedding favors for you and your guests!

Do you have any questions? Check out their Contract Terms and FAQ section on their website!

To book the Photo Bus call 801.712.0138 or send an email to photoboothbus@gmail.com!

Check out their website for more information at photoboothbus.com.

Be sure and check them out on Facebook and Instagram too!

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Dessert Edge Cakes ~ Dream Wedding Giveaway Vendor & Cake Dive

We are excited to feature the talented Dessert Edge Cakes again on the blog.  Not only were they our Dream Wedding Giveaway cake sponsor, but they also provided the cake for our Cake Dive at the most recent La Caille Bridal Show! This outstanding Utah wedding vendor creates beautiful, delicious, wedding cakes and all at affordable prices!

“We create custom designed cakes to match your style, serving size, and budget. We offer all of our designs in both round or square and in any color. Look through our photo albums and let us know if you would like a quote or if you would like to come over and design a cake to match your style. ”

Dessert Edge Cakes create cakes that truly look like works of art! Their custom designed wedding cakes are offered in round, square, muti-tiered wedding cakes in beautiful colors and designs as well as in delicious flavors like white, chocolate, and red velvet.  You can choose from delicious filling like cheesecake, cream chess, chocolate, or creamy vanilla.

They can also offer fillings in combination with fruit fillings as well. For example, they can do a layer of cheesecake with a a layer of raspberry on top. They also  allow you to choose different cake flavors and fillings for each tier of your cake.  Their most popular flavor is white cake with cheesecake filling or white or chocolate cake with a combination of  cheesecake and raspberry filling.

Their cakes include decorations, ribbons, and silk flowers or they can use your own fresh flowers and cake topper. Mix and match designs from any of their cakes to create your very own style.

Here is some additional information from their website:


…Any of our designs can be done on either round or square cakes.

…You can mix and match designs from any of our cakes.

…If you have a photo of a cake you like you can email it to us and we will let you know if the photo matches our style and techniques.

…We can change the ribbon and decorations on any cake to match your wedding colors.

Design Consultation and Tasting

…Design Consultations are by appointment only and limited to a party of three. Please check our photo gallery and make sure our style matches yours. If you would like to schedule a consultation please let us know what timeline is best for you. We will schedule an appointment to create the perfect cake for your special day.

Ordering Timeline

…Please check to see if we are available for your special date.

… Sometimes we are full months in advance while other times we can still do last minute cakes. Its always best to order as early as possible.

Contact Information:
Debbie and Brandy
Phone: 801-485-0354
Text: 801-913-8537
If you would like to make an appointment for a design consultation
let us know what time is best for your schedule. We will contact you
and schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Website: http://www.dessertedgecakes.com

Follow us on Instagram @ dessert_edge_cakes  and on Facebook

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Wedding Favors You Can Customize That Guests Will Actually Use (Part 1) ~ Guest Blogger

A big thank you to guest blogger Whitney Hollinghead for sharing some great ideas today (and next Monday) on the blog about giving your wedding guests some favors that not only tell your story and can be totally customized to your style, but are also more practical, useful, and super fun!

20 Wedding Favors You Can Customize That Guests Will Actually Use

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

If you plan to give out wedding favors, the best favors are those that your guests will actually use and appreciate. Today and next Monday we will post 20 really cool favor ideas that will inspire you to create custom favors that fit your style and love story:

1. Earbuds

Price per favor = $1.19 and up

The odds are that nearly every guest attending your wedding has more than one personal media device. Why not give your guests earbuds in a case customized for your wedding? Guests can put this set of earbuds in their purses, carry-on luggage, glove compartments, etc. Everyone will appreciate this extra set and the custom case will remind them of you every time they plug them in. Check out these examples.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Price per favor = $0.78 and up

Travel size hand sanitizer is so very handy. Add your own personal label for a favor that is sure to go wherever your guests go. Choose from gels, wipes, pens, sprays, and more as shown here.

3. Waterproof Media Pouches

Price per favor = $2.09 and up

You can customize cute little waterproof pouches that guests can use to keep their electronics safe and dry. Every time they hit the pool or visit the beach, they will think of your wedding with fondness. See examples here.

4. Pizza Cutters

Price per favor = $0.76 and up

If pizza is part of your love story or if you both just really love pizza, then personalized pizza cutters are a great way to share your love of pizza with your guests. Attach a fun note to one of these examples.

5. Water Bottles

Price per favor = $0.82 and up

Encourage your guests to drink more water and enjoy the benefits of improved health by providing custom water bottles. Turn your initials and your wedding date into a cool logo that will subtly remind your guests of you often, while not looking like a tacky wedding logo. For example you could add “JNL421” to water bottles for Jeremy and Nicole Larsen married April 21st. Check out these cool water bottles.

6. USB Car Chargers

Price per favor = $1.59 and up

You have most likely experienced the frustration of having your phone or another device die while away from home. Having a USB car charger makes all of the difference! This is one gift you can customize as a wedding favor that may very well get used every day. You can even choose car chargers that have more than one USB port, enabling your guests to charge multiple devices at once! Check out just a few of the many options here.

7. Golf Tees

Price per favor = $0.43 and up

If golf is connected to your love story in any way, golf tees are a great favor for your guests. (Especially if you know that many of your guests also play golf.) Instead of your wedding info, you can simply create a fresh logo merging your first names, or simply use your married last name as the brand. Check out these examples.

8. Car Air Fresheners

Price per favor = $0.99 and up

Choose an aromatic scent that is appreciated universally and add a cute personal design to an air freshener like one of these. Every time your guests climb into the car they will think of you and appreciate the instantaneous mood lifting power of your favor.

9. USB Drives

Price per favor = $5.33 and up

Everyone needs a USB to transfer pictures, video, and data on the go. So why not customize a flash drive for your guests?! You can even make this favor really personal by loading a short video on to each drive thanking everyone for being a part of your special day. This favor is more expensive, however, so this favor is most ideal for smaller weddings, or if you have a large budget available for favors. You can see a variety of options here.

10. Highlighters

Price per favor = $0.45 and up

If you are into favors with cheesy phrases attached, consider handing out customized highlighters. You can add a note that says something like “Sharing our special day with you has been a highlight for us.” Check out the options here.

Remember, the very best wedding favor is any item that guests will actually use. If possible you can even connect a useful favor to some part of your own love story. So use the ideas above to get inspired and start planning the perfect favors for your perfect wedding. Check out the blog next Monday for 10 more excellent ideas for you useful wedding favors!

Author Bio:
Whitney Hollingshead is an optimist, a dreamer, and a professional writer.  She loves learning and sharing tips, tricks, and fun facts with others.  In her spare time she thrives on coming up with fun and creative solutions for everyday opportunities, especially when the solutions enable her to spend more time with family and friends.

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Lindsey Black Photography ~ Feature Friday

We are excited to feature Lindsey Black Photography today on the blog. She is a Salt Lake City, Utah based award winning, professional wedding and senior portrait photographer. With her unique style and fun personality, she specializes in intimate and unique portraiture. She was one of our amazing vendors at our recent La Caille Bridal Show!

Hello! I’m Lindsey with Lindsey Black Photography and I’m so excited to be featured on the BrideandGroom.com today!

Wow, so you’re getting married…well, you probably are, if you are reading this. That is awesome. And terrifying. And wonderful. And….overwhelming? Yes, I was a bride once (12 years ago this August!) and I remember all too well the sheer amount of information to digest and decisions to make.

Here is a little sneak peek into what Lindsey Black Photography is all about.

Who Am I?

Well, straight up, you might as well know, I am a total dork. I love having fun with my brides and grooms and we often become lifelong friends. When you pull up to my house for your consults, there will probably be chalk drawings leading you all the way up to the doorstep and you may have to step over a few Barbies to get to my consult room, but that’s just because I have some adorable budding artists in my house. Some of you may be right there with me in the mom-wagon and that’s awesome!

My Ideal Bride

My favorite brides are the ones who are up for anything. Even if it sounds like I’m crazy when I suggest it. They know my style, they trust my brand and know that the photos we get out of it will be amazing. Of course, if you are a bit dorky yourself, all the better. Except when it is time for us to do “serious” poses. Then we have to think about our dogs dying or something to stop the silly. I love a couple who has a serious sense of who they are, and want to stick to it as we do their wedding photography, even if it means not necessarily going with the current “trends.” Because I’m really not trendy and it’s hard to copy someone else’s work and make it feel like your own session right?

The Long and Short

I have been an artist since I was big enough to pick up a crayon and color on my sister’s Doogie Howser posters (Anyone remember the Doogster? Anyone? Ok, I’m old.) Seriously, though, that is what I love most about photography. It is ART! After dabbling in a few other things over the years, I ultimately came back to my true love about 6 years ago and haven’t looked back. I trained professionally under some of the greats such as Nichole Van, Michelle Parsley, Kris Doman, and other amazing photographers as I perfected the art and found my own place. My clients hire me for my Fine Art Photography and the unique interpretations I find in their photographs. My fine art style recently awarded me the top honor of 1st Place in the Wedding Photography category at the Intermountain Professional Photographers of America 2015 photographic competition for my image “She’s Finally Mine.”

I was also featured in last quarter’s Southwest Professional Photographers of America magazine for this bridal portrait done right here at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building titled “Dawn of the Rest of Her Life.” So yeah, I am an “award-winning photographer,” if you like that sort of thing (blush).

La Caille Bridal Show Special/thebrideandgroom.com blog feature special

So now for the good stuff. If you didn’t get a chance to visit me at the La Caille show on July 18th (or even if you did and decide I’m not too quirky and you end up booking your wedding photography with me) well, giddy up because I have a pretty sweet DEAL for you! All brides who book their wedding with me BY AUGUST 5th will receive a FREE Engagement Signing Book, which is a $500 value! Holy Smokes, I’m so nice I make David Archuletta look ornery! Just kidding. But really, these books are awesome. I am such a HUGE believer in tangible photo products from your big day. When all is said and done, it’s nice to have a bunch of images on a disk, but what about in 50 years when CDs and USB drives are about as common as a floppy disk? (Do you even know what a floppy disk is? I’m dating myself again aren’t I…) An Engagement signing book is a very special type of album because it includes not only your photos from your engagement session (and/or Formals/Black Tie Session), but all of your guests comments, well wishes, and advice (good and bad) from your wedding day. Now THAT is a treasure folks. Your guests will also LOVE flipping through the book and seeing all your photos as the story of YOU unfolds.  Remember, to get in on this great deal, you need to book your wedding with me by August 5th!

As an example, here are a few engagement shots from a recent urban session I did with this gorgeously unique couple Sara and Carl…they wanted a sweet, date night out on the town theme. Can you feel their story? Yes, that is what an engagement album is all about.

Thanks for sticking with me today! I would love to chat more with you! Please feel free to contact me anytime though with questions or to set up a complementary consult (where I will serve you Coke and M&Ms).



Lindsey Black Photography



801-916-4360 (call or text)

Connect with me!  @linzblackphoto on FB, IG, and Pinterest

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Every Blooming Thing ~ Featured Dream Wedding Giveaway Sponsor

Yes the La Caille Bridal Show has come and gone, and one lucky bride walked away as the winner of the Dream Wedding Giveaway, but we still wanted to feature some of the amazing businesses that contributed to the  Dream Wedding Giveaway.  Today we are excited to feature Every Blooming Thing, the Dream Wedding Giveaway florist!

Every Blooming Thing is a dream once imagined in 1977, now come true – for three decades in a fine old house on 7th East – now to our new location in the Steur building on 2100 East. The goal has been to be quite small but very good – to be part of the community and part of each life that touches ours.

Our customers have always allowed us to be part of their emotional time of marriage, and we feel privileged to have been invited in! So we invite you in, to meet us. Smell the aroma only fresh flowers can emit, and become a customer and friend!

We often nudge the design envelope and stay fresh and current with the trends of the day- But most importantly… we always represent our many clients in an artful and sensitive way. We are more than “just a florist”- we are a caring part of the community- we are friends and advisors to those who’ve trusted us.

Here’s to more! Here’s to life! Here’s to  flowers!

Every Blooming Thing is about Service: Personal, Warm, and Competent! Contact them for more information! To see more pictures of their beautiful wedding floral arrangements click HERE.

Website: http://www.everybloomingthing.cc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Every-Blooming-Thing/82352678605

Phone:  801-521-4773


1344 South  2100 East

Salt Lake City, Utah


Store Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday 8:oo am – 4:00pm , Closed Sunday.

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Post Bridal Show Tips & Advice

We want to thank everyone who attended the Summer Bridal Extravaganza at the absolutely beautiful La Caille this past Saturday! What an amazing show! A big thank you to all of the wonderful wedding professionals that were there and a big thank you to all of the many many brides that came! We had a wonderful turnout! Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Dream Wedding Giveaway!  We hope everyone had a great time and were able to take care of most, if not all, of your wedding planning needs. There was so much to see and hopefully you got some wonderful ideas.  Maybe you even booked some vendors, or at least decided who and what you want.  So, you may now be asking yourself the question: Now What?

We would like to share some tips and advice for you as you sort through all the information you received at the show that will hopefully help you get the most out of the time you spent there and to make sure you get all the important components together to plan the wedding of your dreams!

1- Call the vendors you are interested in meeting with immediately, especially if you are planning a weekend wedding or a wedding on a special date or any weekend in May – September.  If you are interested in booking with a certain vendor, DO NOT wait. Chances are very good that you could lose that date to another bride.  Many of Utah’s best professionals are already booking through the end of the year as well as into next year.

2- Ask vendors for referrals. If the vendor you want is booked, ask them for a referral.  Most professionals in the industry have great relationships with each other and many of them will kindly recommend someone who does quality work in their same field.  Typically they will recommend someone who does similar work as they do to ensure you are happy with what you get.

3- Have a backup plan. If the vendor you want is booked and they do not have any referrals, make sure you know of other vendors you want to call.  Make sure you have the name and info of not just Plan A, but also of Plan B, Plan C, etc.  Keep the show brochure on hand because it has all the contact information for all the vendors.  You can also find vendor information from the show on the Utah Bridal Shows website.

4 – Visit thebrideandgroom.com daily and check out our blog posts. This might be a little self promoting but on a nearly daily basis we are updating the site and blog with tips and ideas for your wedding. Many amazing Utah wedding vendors contribute to and/or are featured on our blog and you might be able to find great inspiration for planning your wedding.  You might also find a vendor that you didn’t see at the show.

5 – Do not stress. If you go back and read the featured wedding blogs that we have posted over the years you will almost inevitably see the same thing: we ask the bride what their #1 recommendation to other brides is and almost 100% of the time they say the same thing, “DO NOT STRESS over your wedding details.”  Although important, it is one day in your life, so do not worry if things don’t go off exactly as planned. Sit back, have fun, and  enjoy the moments and the process.  Remember part of the fun is getting there.  Enjoy the planning time together but DO NOT have the planning cause issues between you and your fiance.

Stay tuned as we will be posting some pictures from the show very soon!

Also, Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our next show: The Fall Bridal Extravaganza at Southe Towne on Saturday, September 26th!  Also, check back for details about our first ever Bridal Show in Southern Utah set for October 24th!


Best wishes in your wedding planning!

The Bridal ExtravaganzaTheBrideandGroom.com

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Dream Wedding Giveaway Vendors

We are super excited for the Bridal Extravaganza TOMORROW at La Caille! We are especially excited about the Dream Wedding Giveaway that will be awarded to one lucky couple that attends the show! Here is the incredible Dream Wedding package that the winners will receive:

Wedding Venue~ La Caille

La Caille is offering a package valued at over $5000!

  • - Ceremony for all guests on our Lower Patio or Vineyard Side
  • - Reception on our Main Floor or Garden Room
  • - Social hour featuring two passed Hors d’ Oeuvres and French lemonade
  • - Three-coursed plated dinner with breads, salad entrée and dessert – Printed menus
  • -White linens, votive candles, cake service one bartender
  • - Rehearsal the day before your wedding
  • - Use of Bride’s Room, complete with beverages, French cheese tray.
  • crackers and fruit
  • - Unlimited use of grounds for photography
  • - Complimentary set up of any gift, cake, place card, or favor tables
  • Click LaCailleDreamWedding Giveaway 2015 to view all the package details!

Honeymoon~ Get Away Today Vacations

The lucky couple will stay for 5 nights at the beautiful Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, a tropical hideaway in San Diego’s Pacific Beach community on the sparkling shores of Mission Bay. They will also receive two tickets to Sea World and two tickets to the San Diego Zoo.

Photography~Andrew Paul Photography

Offering 5 hour package that includes one photographer, an online gallery, and all images copyright free. This package typically comes with low resolution files, but will bump this up to full resolution images (which is typically a $750 upgrade), so photos can be printed at any size.

Videography ~ Mediastalgia Productions

Offering a complete wedding day package which includes a video montage ($150 value), the ceremony or temple video ($400 value), and a reception video ($450 value.)

Wedding Cake ~ Dessert Edge Cakes

Wedding Dress~Fairy Godmother’s Bridal

Tuxedo ~ Formed Fit

Suit valued at $599.

Groom’s Ring ~Men’s Rings for Less

Flowers ~ Every Blooming Thing

Invitations ~ Beautiful Wedding Announcements

DJ~Complete Weddings + Events of Utah

Offering 2 hour Full Service Complete DJ package which includes:

  • Free setup/takedown time
  • Professional MC: Make all announcements, introductions, etc.
  • A Custom DJ based on your choice of how you want your evening to run
  • White Glove Service:  Let us refill your drinks, greet guests at the door or anything else to help your evening run smoothly
  • State of the art sound system
  • Dance Lighting
  • Consultations with your DJ
  • Detailed Ceremony/Reception Planner to get your events and music organized

Hair and Make-up~ Versa Artistry

Candy Buffett~ Smile Now Photobooths & Candy Buffet

Getaway Car ~ Something Vintage, Something Blue

First Night Accommodations~ Anniversary Inn

A big thank you to these amazing Utah wedding vendors for sponsoring the DREAM WEDDING GIVEAWAY! Someone is going to walk away as a very lucky bride-to-be with everything she needs to have the wedding of her dreams! Be sure to come visit these fantastic wedding professionals as well as the many other talented wedding vendors that will be at the show. Come plan your wedding all in one day TOMORROW, Saturday July 18th, at La Caille from 11:00 to 5:00!  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Andrew Paul Photography ~ Featured Dream Wedding Giveaway Vendor

Andrew Paul Photography has a team of extremely talented full time photographers. We are so excited to announce that Andrew Paul Photography is the photographer for our Dream Wedding Giveaway which will take place TOMORROW at our La Caille Bridal Show!

This amazing team of photographers approach each wedding with the same strategy – to create one of a kind images that each unique client will love!

Andrew Paul Photography pairs your one of a kind wedding, with one of a kind photos that will provide a lifetime of wedding day memories. Their team of full-time photographers have collectively photographed over 500 weddings all over the country, giving them the experience needed to provide each couple an amazing experience on their wedding day, along with remarkable photos.

Their style is the perfect combination of traditional wedding photography and dramatic, fine art images and offers endless opportunities to capture truly artistic photographs, no matter the location or lighting. With their keen sense of composition, color, and emotion, Andrew Paul Photography delivers incredible fine art photographs that you will love to show off for the rest of your life!

You won’t have to settle for “normal” wedding photographs with Andrew Paul Photography as their goal is to deliver the best of the best as the always strive to create the most amazing images for every client!

“We would love to create the perfect wedding day photography collection just for you. Each wedding we photograph is unique, and each couple we work with has a vision in mind for their wedding and our experienced team and customized wedding day packages will bring that vision to life, perfectly, every time.”- Andrew Paul Photography

For the Dream Wedding Giveaway Andrew Paul Photography will be offering a 5 hour package that includes one photographer, an online gallery, and all images copyright free. This package typically comes with low resolution files, but they will bump this up to full resolution images (which is typically a $750 upgrade), so photos can be printed at any size! What an amazing giveaway!

Contact them today to learn more!
Phone Number:
Oregon/Destination Weddings – 541-610-5593
Utah Weddings – 801-694-2537

We have featured Andrew Paul Photography before on the blog before so if you want to learn even more or see even more of their stunning images click HERE.

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Complete Weddings + Events of Utah ~ Featured Dream Wedding Giveaway Vendor

Whoever wins the Dream Wedding Giveaway package is one lucky bride! So many amazing vendors and truly the works for an absolute dream wedding.  We are excited to feature Complete Weddings + Events today! They are sure to cover all of your entertainment needs and more!

Complete Weddings + Events of Utah is your leading provider of wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services, and photo booth rental. Whatever you need to set the stage for a phenomenal special event, we have you covered. Complete Weddings + Events has gathered the most talented wedding photographers, videographers, and DJs. Expert photos, high-quality video, timeless music and unforgettable events at an affordable price: We Do.

For the Dream Wedding Giveaway they are offering a 2 hour Full Service Complete DJ package which includes the following:

  • Free setup/takedown time
  • Professional MC, we’ll make all your announcements, introductions, etc.
  • A Custom DJ based on your choice of how you want your evening to run
  • White Glove Service:  Let us refill your drinks, greet guests at the door or anything else to help your evening run smoothly
  • State of the art sound system
  • Dance Lighting
  • Consultations with your DJ
  • Detailed Ceremony/Reception Planner to get your events and music organized

Be sure and check out their booth at the upcoming La Caille Bridal Show and enter for your chance to win the Dream Wedding Giveaway!
900 N 400 W #1b
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Phone Number: (801) 292-5701
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Fairy Godmother’s Bridal & Formed Fit ~ Featured Dream Wedding Giveaway Vendors

We are just a couple days away from the La Caille Bridal Show!  The show is this Saturday, July 18th from 11:00-5:00! Make plans to attend this one of a kind event and be sure to enter to win the Dream Wedding Giveaway!  We are excited to feature two more of our amazing Dream Wedding Giveaway Sponsors today: Fairy Godmother’s Bridal and Formed Fit.

We are excited to announce that Fairy Godmother’s Bridal will be hosting our Fashion Show at the upcoming La Caille Bridal ShowFairy Godmother’s Bridal has been a popular Utah wedding dress vendor for over 25 years!  Over the years they have helped literally 100s of brides to find the gown of their dreams!

Fairy Godmother’s Bridal specializes in modest dresses, contemporary dresses, plus size dresses, as well as prom dresses.  They have seen many styles come and go and look forward every season to see what is new and in for that season!  They love introducing clients to gowns in styles and fabrics that may not have been considered by the bride before arriving in the store. They help brides  find the dress that suits their personality and fits them perfectly!  Every girl needs a fairy godmother to help turn them into a princess, and the people at Fairy Godmother’s Bridal love doing just that!

Fairy Godmother’s Bridal is currently remodeling their shop to create an even better environment, even more of a selection, and a beautiful new store for you! Also be sure and check out the deals and savings they have going on right now as remodeling deals and on the inventory they received when Danielle’s Bridal closed their doors. Be sure and call to make an appointment, allow yourself plenty of time, and bring your Mom and/or a good friend/sister along. Plan on lots of help and information, try on various styles of gowns with different head pieces and jewelry and get a glimpse of you as a bride on your wedding day. They also have amazing seamstresses to help make your gown fit perfectly and at a reasonable price.

We are so excited to see Fairy Godmother’s Bridal and their beautiful wedding gowns at the La Caille Bridal Show. Make sure to be there to watch the fashion shows and be sure and check out Fairy Godmother’s Bridal’s booth at the show THIS Saturday!

Website: http://www.fairygodmothersbridal.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fairygodmothersbridalatangells


4014 South Highland Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah 84124



M-F 10-6
S 10-5
Closed Sundays

It isn’t all about the wedding gown…we can’t forget about the all important tuxedo for the groom.  If the bride looks like an amazing princess on the big day, her prince needs to look equally amazing in a nice tux! It is hard for a groom to look his best in just a run-of-the-mill, made-to-fit-many suit off a rack. That is where Formed Fit comes in as they will provide you with a one of a kind custom wedding suit or tuxedo and formal wear for the entire wedding party that will make you feel and look amazing.Formed Fit is a Utah based company that works with you, wherever you may live, to create beautiful custom tuxedos/suits for great prices.  They strive to give you a higher than average custom suit for lower than the average price! Be sure and check out this amazing Dream Wedding vendor’s booth at the upcoming La Caille Bridal Show THIS Saturday, July 18th from 11:00-5:00.

Design a custom suit for the groom or the whole wedding party with Formed Fit. Formed Fit offers the ultimate experience in men’s formal wear at a price you can afford. Select the exact suit color you want from over 100 options. Match the lining and accent colors of the suit to match your wedding colors. Add a special reminder of your special day by having your names and wedding date embroidered inside the jacket. One of our tailors will also ensure a perfect fit of your custom suit by taking several precise body measurements. Formed Fit custom suits are always the same price no matter which of our high quality fabrics you pick or how you customize your suit. Design your suit with confidence at Formed Fit.

For the Dream Wedding Giveaway, the suit is valued at $599!

Why choose Formed Fit Custom Suits:

A custom suit can make a groom feel and look great on his big day.  Formed Fit provides the groom a neat opportunity to be able to create a suit just for him that is a perfect fit – both physically and to fit his unique individuality.  With Formed Fit your design truly is all your own.  So when someone says that your suit looks good, they are complimenting your creation!  Grooms can feel satisfied and confident in how they look and in what they have made.

Formed Fit’s Promise:

“Not only will we help you look your best on your special day, but we will save you money in the process.  Most wedding tuxedo rentals average around $200 a day.  With Formed Fit, you can create your own custom suit or tuxedo that is yours to keep for approximately what you would pay for one to three days of rental.”

Picking Your Very Own Details:

When you design your suit or tuxedo with one of the Formed Fit fashion consultants, you get to customize what you wear from the shoulders down.

The following details are what will allow your creation to compliment your dream wedding:

  • The perfect fit at a fraction of the price
  • A suit lining that matches your wedding colors
  • Customization of everything from the lapel style and vents to the number of pockets and pleats
  • Coordinating suits, pants, vests, or simply a shirt and tie for the entire wedding party
  • The option for an embroidered wedding date on the inside of your suit

What to do to get started:

Ensure a picture perfect wedding by ordering suits for all the men in your party.  Keep in mind that in order to make sure that your formal wear arrives with time to spare before the big day, it is important to meet with a fashion consultants at least two months prior to your wedding, and avoid any higher shipping rates that may apply.

CONTACT Formed Fit to schedule a fitting and get measured today!  The fashion consultants will help you create a custom look for your wedding suit. The expert tailors will create any custom creation you can imagine!  Your fashion consultant will make sure your creation fits perfectly.  If any alterations need to be made, they will take care of it!

Contact Formed Fit TODAY!!

Look for the Formed Fit booth at the La Caille Bridal Show on Saturday, July 18th! And be sure to enter the Dream Wedding Giveaway!

Click HERE to visit their Website and HERE to check them out on Facebook!

Click HERE to see where the closet Formed Fit location is to you!

Contact Info:
Phone: 801-834-8259
Email: suits@formedfitcustom.com

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