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Choosing Your Wedding Colors ~ Fall Colors

Happy September!  This week on the blog we are going to be looking at some Fall wedding color inspiration, but today we will start the color discussion by addressing the following questions:

What is the best way to go about picking your wedding colors? Where do you get the inspiration? Where do you begin!?

Sometimes a bride just knows exactly what she wants, picks several colors, goes with it, and it works.  Sometimes a bride has one color in mind and isn’t sure how to go about pairing and picking colors to go with that color.  Sometimes the bride has no idea where to even begin. Hopefully these tips will help any bride in any of these positions.

Tips and ideas for choosing your wedding colors:

  1. Draw inspiration from the setting and location. Do you know where you will be getting married? Let that setting inspire you as you decide on your colors.  Or if you have colors in mind already, let those colors help you in your search for the right venue.  Make sure the location and your color choices work together. You do not want to have your wedding colors completely clash with the carpet, walls, rugs, paint, decor, etc. at the venue.  The picture below is a beautiful venue, but the red carpet with a big pattern could clash with your colors.  
  2. (Picture found here)

  3. Set the Right Mood. Colors have the power to really set the mood of your wedding.  Do you want something dark, elegant, and/or dramatic or light, airy, and/or happy?  What style and atmosphere are you going for?  Your colors should reflect that.
  4. What colors do you love in your everyday life? What colors inspire you?  What colors is your home decorated in? What colors are the most predominant in your own closet?  If you are good with the colors in your day to day life, you will enjoy them in your wedding too.
  5. Research. There is SO much information available for brides-to-be.  There are magazines, blogs, Pinterest, other friends’ weddings, etc. to give you lots of inspirational ideas.
  6. Look at and become familiar with the color wheel. Yes this takes us back to 8th grade art class, but this simple tool can be super helpful in picking colors.
  • Option 1: Pick that one color that you really want to use to anchor your color scheme.  Then pick one or two other colors that are similar within that color scheme, maybe just one or two shades to the left or right in the color wheel. For example pick red and pair that with an with orange and a burnt red-orange.  This look goes for subtleness in color contrasts.

    (Picture found here)

  • Option 2:  Go for the contrast. Pick that one color you really love and then pick something totally on the opposite side of the color wheel.  For example, pick the color pumpkin and pair it with a dusty shade of blue. This pairs cool and warm colors together.

(Picture found here)

The process of picking your colors (simplified WAY down):

  1. When choosing your wedding colors you want to pick one or two colors that will be your main colors.  For fall this could be any of the colors within the red, orange, yellow, brown, etc. color schemes.  (We will talk more later about the plethora of shades within each color scheme.)
  2. Next pick some accent colors.  Accent colors can be as bright as you want them.  You may also consider more earthy tones.  Often people pick warm colors or metallics to accent. Gold makes a beautiful accent color for Fall.
  3. If you can’t decide on just two colors, that is okay.  Find four or five that work together.
  4. Once you have chosen two or three main colors, everything else can be filled in with neutral colors: creams, whites, or  browns, black, or metallic colors.

A few more words of advice:

  1. Do not feel like you HAVE to pick the latest, most trendy colors. (Or the “typical” seasonal colors.
  2. Don’t pick too many colors! (Oh the crazy trends of the 70s!)
  3. Don’t limit yourself to just two colors.  (You totally can break your own “rules!”)
  4. All colors do not have to be represented equally throughout the wedding.
  5. Don’t pick colors that remind people of a holiday…(Red & Green, Black & Orange, etc.)  unless that is the look you are going for.  You can always tweak those basic colors to different tones that aren’t quite so reminicinet of holiday colors.  The picture below uses coral and emerald instead of Christmas-like red and green.

(Picture found here)

F.  Make sure your colors are narrowed down to an exact shade.  (Purple and yellow is FAR to vague and you could find some serious matching problems. Pick a SPECIFIC shade for your colors.

G.  Colors can affect wedding attire, flowers and other decor, your invitations, party favors, your wedding cake,etc.  So it is important to pick the colors that will work with your entire vision that you have for your wedding.

Ultimately, your wedding colors can be whatever you want. You can always pick the color palette that you love, and tailor it a bit to Fall with the accent colors, textures, and other decor at your wedding.  Do not fill constrained by seasonal “norms.”  Your colors should be a reflection of you.  They need to mesh well with the bride and groom’s personalities, likes, dislikes, and the atmosphere and aesthetics desired for the wedding.

Here is great quote on the subject:

“Fall colors are rich and vibrant, celebrating both the fruitfulness of the season and the blossoming of your nuptials. Use your color palette as a reflection of you, your future spouse, and your union. Don’t be afraid to stray from the “rules” if a shade grabs your attention and it’s outside the traditional fall palette. Simply anchor that color with others that you love and create your dream wedding.” -Crystal Schwanke  at weddings.lovetoknow.com

This week on the blog will be several examples of different color schemes and how they can be present and incorporated into the wedding  in the attire, the flowers, the invitations, the cake, and the wedding favors.

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Happy Labor Day ~ Labor Day Weddings

We hope this blog post finds you having a nice, relaxing, and fun-filled long holiday weekend! This weekend is typically used as a one last hurrah before summer is officially over! Hopefully everyone is out squeezing as much as they can out of these last few days of summer! (And of course not working and sleeping in every day!)  Ah the irony of a holiday called “Labor Day” – a day when many people get the day off from working and laboring!

Besides Labor Day signifying the end of summer as we know it, it also means the end of wearing white clothing and is a weekend chuck full of sales, shopping, barbecues, playing, and relaxing.  Historically, the holiday was created to celebrate workers!  So here is to celebrating all of you hard workers out there!

So while many of us are relaxing and enjoying not working this weekend, many of  you are also getting married this weekend!  So we wish all of you Labor Day brides and grooms a big CONGRATULATIONS!

For those of you trying to decide on a wedding date in 2015, here are some reasons  to choose a wedding date over Labor Day weekend:

1) The weather is usually great and it is a beautiful time of year!

2) Three-day holiday weekends like Labor Day are popular for Sunday weddings because guests coming from out-of-town have built-in day off from work and full day for traveling to return home.  Three days of travel time is a great perk for guests coming from out of town or state.

3) Getting married on a holiday weekend can give you a day or two to get a head start on your honeymoon (or even give you a couple extra days!)  Or it can give you and your guests time to recover and recoup from the festivities!

4) It is likely that you will find cheaper rates on venues and vendors because it is not as popular as other days or weekends to get married.

**If you do choose this holiday weekend for your wedding date, the key is be sure and give your guests plenty of advance notice so they have time to make their plans. Be sure and send out Save the Date cards pretty early so people don’t make other plans for that weekend.**

We hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing, fun Labor Day Weekend! Happy Labor Day!

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SAVE THE DATE ~The Fall Bridal Extravaganza ~ One month away!

Mark your calendars because the Fall Bridal Extravaganza is just 4 weeks from today! It is hard to believe we are only a couple of days away from the month of September, and the fourth Saturday in September, the 27th, might seem like it is a long ways away, but it will be here before you know it!

WHO:  For all brides-to-be planning Fall or Winter weddings in 2014 or for brides who want to get a jump on planning their Spring or Summer 2015 wedding!

WHAT: The Fall Bridal Extravaganza

WHEN: Saturday, September 27th
11 am – 5:30 pm

WHERE: South Towne Expo Center

WHY:  The Bridal Extravaganza is Utah’s number one Bridal show year after year. This show can help prospective brides plan the wedding of their dreams in a one-day, one-stop experience and all at one convenient location!

Make sure to pre register for a discounted price!

Click here to Pre Register

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Fall Wedding Considerations

Summer provides a bright, busy, whirlwind of a wedding season but we are swiftly moving into the more subdued, slower paced wedding season of Fall.

(Photo from here)

Autumn is such a wonderful, beautiful time of the year to get married, a season full of changes, but it can be a tricky time to plan a wedding. Because of many of the changes that occur at this time of year, there are several things to consider when planning your Fall wedding. Here are some of those important aspects to consider as you plan your dream Fall Wedding.

1.  Consider the changes in weather. Although it is still pretty nice and warm out, and still feeling a bit more like summer than Fall, the changes that come with Autumn will soon be upon us.  Usually Autumn weather is nice and temperate – perfect for a wedding, but often Autumn weather has a hard time making up its mind!  Some days the temperature feels more reminiscent of a blaring hot summer day, whereas other days you can definitely feel the crispness in the air.  Some days can be the perfect temperature, but nights quickly cool off.  As the season progresses, temperatures drop and frost starts setting in. So because Fall weather can be quite fickle, you need to be prepared for anything!  The uncertainty of the weather should be taken into consideration for photography sessions, wedding ceremony and reception locations, bridesmaids attire, and bridal attire. What will the bride wear, that still complements her dress, to keep her warm if the temps are low on her wedding day?

(Photo from here)

2.  Consider expanding your color palette. Everyone thinks of reds, oranges, and yellows when they think of Fall.  It is natural to associate those natural, beautiful colors of the Fall foliage with weddings as well. Those are all beautiful colors, but do not feel that just because you are getting married in the Fall that you have to use those colors.  Expand your thinking.  Consider throwing in browns, golds and other metallic colors, deeper crimsons, dark purple, or peach.  Remember that the woodland  wedding is a hot trend right now too so you could always throw a lot of greens, branches and twigs into the mix as well.  Don’t forget, as beautiful as bright colors can be, nothing is more classic and elegant than white.

3. Consider your budget.  What kind of flowers are in season and could save you money?  Can you find wedding vendors with special deals?  Often after the busy rush of summer wedding season, business slows down for many vendors so they may be offering Fall special deals or discounts.  What foods are in season?  Incorporate those into your menu.

(Photo from here)

4.  Consider your decor.  There are so many options to think about for decor with a Fall wedding.  Do you want it to be more rustic and incorporate farm-type elements like barns, straw, lanterns, etc?  Do you want to include typical Fall decor like apples, pumpkins, gourds, etc?  Or would you prefer it to be more elegant with deep, vibrant colors and fancy fire-like flower arrangements?

(Photo from here)

5.  Consider YOU. No matter that the “typical” Fall wedding may look like.  No matter what you see in photographs from other weddings.  No matter what others think you should have at your Fall wedding;  The bottom line is that it all comes down to what you want for your Fall wedding.  How do you want to personalize your own Fall wedding.   Regardless of the decisions you make, Fall is a perfect time to get married!

(Photo from Opie Foto)

Lately on the blog we have talked about some hot wedding trends of 2014, but now lets focus primarily on the wedding season at hand:  Autumn! Over the next few weeks, leading up to the Fall Bridal show on September 27th, we will discuss Fall wedding trends by categories. We will discuss dresses, decor, colors, flowers, great venues, and the best  fall honeymoons!  We are also excited to announce that we will be featuring some amazing Utah wedding vendors here on our blog.

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Wedding Trends ~ Where do they come from?

So on the blog we have been talking a lot about hot wedding trends of 2014.  Before we talk more about trends, including diving into some of Fall’s hottest trends, let’s talk about  what exactly is a trend anyway?  A “trend”  is a word meaning a general direction in which something is developing or changing.  We often hear of new fashion trends or a popular topic “trending” on Twitter.   Just like in fashion, the wedding industry loves trends and it would be wise to stay up to date on these trends to see if they could be right to help you create your dream wedding!

So where do trends come from anyway? How do they originate?

1) Sometimes it could be as simple as one bride or groom has a great idea and they want to incorporate it into their wedding day. It can spread from there via word of mouth from the guests or through the pictures of the event.  From there other brides-to-be begin to ponder about it  and imagine if that same feature would work at their own weddings. This process can spread like wildfire and before you know it, that feature becomes a hot new wedding trend.

(Photo found here)

2) Some other ways in which trend can originate and then spread is through the ideas presented in wedding books, magazines, on Pinterest, and/or wedding blogs. Who wouldn’t want to have the next great big idea, and people in charge of producing these media outlets often love to share their opinions, likes, favorites, etc.  These platforms allow the spread of these new ideas and opinions.

3)  Finally new wedding trends can come straight from manufacturers and merchants of a particular item or service.  They may have an interest in launching a new product or their new idea.  They could also be answering a need within the bridal industry.

The key to all of this is to determine what YOU want for your special day and do what you want to make that day special, to create your own dream wedding. It is up to you to determine if one of these “hot” new trends will make your day more memorable.  Does it meet a specific need or desire that you have envisioned for your big day? If so, embrace it and enjoy having it as a great addition to your wedding day!

One last thing.   It would probably be wise to pick trends that will stand the test of time so that when you look back at your wedding there will be no regrets  or “What was I thinking?” moments.  There should be only happy thoughts as you look back on and reminisce about this special event.

(Aren’t we all glad some of the 80s wedding trends didn’t stick around!)

The wedding industry has come a long way, and there are so many innovative, amazing, and exciting wedding features to choose from – tools available right at our fingertips.  Learning about trends can present an idea that we have never before considered.  We must also acknowledge that every trend that we find may not be for you.  Only YOU know what your perfect wedding should look or be like.  So whether you enjoy the fruits of someone else’s great idea and utilize a hot trend or choose to be that trend setter and come up with the next big thing, remember trends come and go but your wedding memories will be all you have, so make your wedding all that you want it to be.

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Wedding Trends: Part 2 – Hot Trends for THEM (and YOU)

Last time on the blog we listed 5 hot trends that could certainly make your wedding the dream wedding you always imagined with fancy lighting, sneaker shoes, a dance in the clouds, beautiful brooch bouquets, and a proper send off at the end of the night with sparklers! Today on the blog we list 5 hot trends that will enhance the whole wedding experience for your guests, but also for the bride and groom, because really, isn’t the whole wedding really about YOU! These 5 ideas have the potential to make your wedding  that exciting, memorable wedding that people talk about for years while also creating memories that you will cherish forever.

1Enhanced, alluring seating. Please no more hard, cold, metal folding chairs! The trend now is to provide nice rental lounge furniture for your guests.  Create a comfortable, yet sophisticated feel for your guests. It might sound like this trend is too expensive, but entertainment companies are making this a very affordable possibility.  The furniture you have accessible can definitely enhance the whole ambiance of the reception.

(Photo found here)

2. Photo Booths. This trend has been around for a little while but is definitely not losing popularity. These fun additions are a must have insta-memory maker at weddings now. The key is to stay up to date on the latest and newest options out there that go above and beyond the classical photo booth idea such as Flip Books, Slow Motion Booths, Social Media Booths, etc.  Do your research when it comes to these companies.  There are SO many different fun options out there!

(Photo of Flip Book found here)

3. Instagram: Instagram now has a ridiculous amount of active users.  Innovative people in the field have created Instagram print stations as well as slide show capabilities to correspond with your wedding pictures.  Companies can create a live Instagram feed that pulls up uploaded photos via your own personalized hashtag. This creates instant memories but also an interactive aspect between your guests, you, and the possible large display screens at your wedding.

(Photo found here)

4.  Food Mobiles/Trucks. Whether it be tacos, waffles, burgers, frozen yogurt, etc., these delicious snacks on wheels are all the rage right now, so why not bring one right to you and your guests  at your wedding! Your guests will appreciate having somewhere nearby to appease the munchies after dancing the night away at your reception.

(Photo found here)

5. Cake Pops and Stuffed Cupcakes.

Not only are cake pops a very cute addition to your wedding food array, but they are also absolutely irresistibly delicious!  Stuffed cupcakes can be create a beautiful display while also offering a variety of flavors.  These are definitely a fun and delicious option for desserts at your wedding!

These are all ideas that could really make your wedding day more comfortable, more entertaining, with fun and more delicious food options for all of your guests, but also for YOU –  the bride and groom!  The addition of any of these ideas to your wedding could really enhance your wedding and help facilitate the creating of  some wonderful memories.  Where were all these great ideas when I got married?  It is a great day and age to be tying the knot!

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Wedding Trends: Part 1 – Hot Trends For YOU

Every year all over the world people try to think of new, creative, exciting, unique ideas that could possibly make their wedding even better, even more significant, and even more memorable than the millions of other weddings taking place that year. People want their wedding to stand out, to be the best, to rock the proverbial typical wedding boat. These innovative people consist of the brides and grooms themselves, but also event planners, Pinterest enthusiasts, and wedding products and services vendors. Everyone would love to have the next big great idea.

With so many creative ideas popping up everywhere we turn, this is an exciting time for the whole wedding industry and a fun day and age to be getting married. So how do you find out about all these trending new ideas and determine if they are the right fit for your wedding? Here are a few of the hot trends for 2014 and you can decide if any of them are that great idea that could make your wedding that much better, that much more significant, and that much more memorable!

1. Sending the bride and groom off with a bang. Gone are the simple days of just throwing rice as the bride and groom head down the church’s steps.  Today it can be as simple as blowing bubbles into the air to as extravagant as releasing white doves into the sky. Here is a bright idea that fits somewhere between those extremes and is very popular right now:  Sparklers! Let the inner child come out in all your guests as they light your path with these fun additions.  Plus it makes for really neat pictures!

2. Fancy Shmancy Lighting AKA “Lightscaping.” Lighting is essential for making your wedding venue look amazing. It is the means to illuminate the beautiful decor that you put so much thought and effort into to make your wedding look just right!  Be sure and research all of the lighting techniques that are available and find the one that will create the appropriate ambiance for your wedding.  The right lighting truly can give life, dimension, and texture to the setting.

3. Sneakers. Finally a trend that is both quirky yet comfortable.  This idea can be for the groom, the bride, or the entire wedding party!  Pair some comfy, stylish sneakers with some funky socks and create some fun, unique pictures while providing a great outlet for self expression.  Not only can it look pretty cool, but it saves the bride from having sore feet from walking around in heels all day!

(Photo from weddingthingz.com)

4. A Dance in the Clouds. Google this.Now. Having your first dance in the clouds could feel like such a fairy tale-like, dreamy experience.  Not only does this make your first dance look amazing in pictures but also has a little underlying symbolism as to the reason you are getting married in the first place – a little something to show how you both feel on Cloud 9 for each other!

(Photo found here)

5.  Brooch Bouquets. This extremely popular trend can be pricey, but there are lots of people who can help you or tips that allow you to DIY with special kits.  This could be the next big thing in bouquets so find out how to make this a unique and beautiful addition to your wedding.

(Photo found here)

Definitely check into all of these hot trends to determine if they are that little something extra, the missing part to your wedding, that one GREAT idea that your wedding needs!

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Honeymoon ~ A Must To Begin Your Marriage

Photo From The All Inclusive El Dorado Royale In The Mayan Riviera

Ummm, It is really cold outside.  Okay, if you live in a warm place (Miami, Phoenix, Hawaii, The Sun) you probably don’t understand what it s like to walk outside and have the cold just consume you from head to toe and back again.  Well today it is that kind of cold, so it got me thinking of other places I would like to be.   Which got me thinking about vacations, which got me thinking about blogging today about vacations, and seeing as this is a wedding related blog of course that turned into honeymoons.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a honeymoon.  Having been in the wedding industry in one capacity or another for almost 15 years (gasp) too often I would speak with couples who didn’t have a honeymoon planned.  The plan was to finish school first and take the honeymoon later.  Guess what, it won’t happen.  Life gets in the way, school, work, kids, medical bills, car payments, mortgages etc etc all come along and spending any extra money on a vacation or honeymoon just kind gets thrown aside.

You don’t need to plan an elaborate honeymoon if you can’t afford it, but get away even if it is just for a few days.  Locally (Salt Lake City) there are some amazing places nearby where you can go that won’t cost you that much.  Utah has some pretty incredible places and if you are getting married in the off season those places are even more affordable. Utah’s Mountains are second to none and the contrasting scenery between beautiful Southern Utah with its red rock cliffs and all the amazing outdoor activities and Northern Utah with the majestic Wasatch Mountains and all the amenities of a metropolitan area you can find plenty to do and not have to take out an extra loan just to pay for it (bad idea).

Park City, Utah

With that being said, the cold weather made me do a little surfing and I found what many travel websites consider to be the top Honeymoon Destinations, basically I visited some of the more well known travel sites and looked at their top 10 lists and then compiled my own based on what they had listed as the top honeymoon locations, its not scientific by any means but it was fun to daydream while I was doing it:  Here ya go. (FYI I didn’t include Cruises even though Cruising is one of the most popular honeymoons, see below)

#1 – Hawaii – Tough To argue,  The breathtaking beaches, the beautiful turquoise ocean and lush greens Hawaii has it all.  Plus, you don’t need a passport.

#2 – Mexico (either side of the country) – Cancun, The Mayan Riviera, Cozumel etc are amazing locations, the beautiful beaches sitting on the Caribbean the amazing night life the fun.  On The West side you have amazing options of Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.  The beauty and warmth of the Pacific Ocean and the local Mexican flavor make these locations such a great place to go.

#3 – Jamaica – The the dream of all the honeymoon couples for its spectacular places and romantic atmosphere. In Jamaica, you can have your thrilling party in Ocho Rios, which is the ultimate spot to party with your loved one, and other than this if hilt is what you want then Rios in Jamaica will be your place.

#4 - The Bahamas – The Bahamas is one of the worlds most beautiful places This has been the honeymoon destination of many celebrities too. With its over 700 islands it gives you endless recreational options and the best part is that it is short distant from the mainland of U.S. Bahamas is the world itself, whether a honeymoon couple wants romance, entertainment or water sports, one will get it all.

#5 – Disney Vacations – Yes the happiest place on earth is also one of the most visited by honeymooners.  Walk around Disneyland or Disney World and you will see all sorts of people wearing top hats or veils with mouse ears attached letting the world know they are on their honeymoon.

#6 - Fiji – With Hundreds of Islands you could get lost – White sand beaches, warm ocean breezes, rustling palm trees, tropical flowers, stunning sunsets and laid-back island living will enchant you on the breathtaking islands of Fiji.

#7 – Tahiti - Tahiti Islands (officially French Polynesia) is a collection of over 100 islands in the South Pacific including Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea. Featuring five star resorts, spectacular tropical scenery, mountain ranges, rainforests, waterfalls, and hiking trails, Tahiti is a fantastic choice for your honeymoon.

#8 – Italy – So many places to visit, tough to lump it in to one location, but Venice and Florence are probably the two most “honeymooned” places in Italy.  Such a rich culture, amazing scenery, incredible art and so much more.

#9 – Paris – For many, it’s the ultimate honeymoon destination, and why not? There’s fine French dining, elegant shopping boulevards, renowned museums and swoon-worthy sights, entertainment at places like the Opera Garnier, and ultra-chic accommodations.

#10 – Las Vegas – Crazy as it sounds, Las Vegas is one of the top Honeymoon Spots. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you honeymoon in Vegas, and some couples love that.   If you want indulgence you can’t go wrong with Vegas.  Each Hotel seems to try to outdo the next with its lavish pools, amazing buffets and incredible shows.  No costs are cut when it comes to entertainment in Las Vegas and the shows there will blow you away.

Here are a couple of other things to consider when planning a honeymoon.

Consider an All-inclusive Honeymoon Package

All-inclusive honeymoons are a popular choice because daily expenses like food, beverage and entertainment are included in the vacation package price. All-inclusive resorts typically include meals and snacks, premium alcoholic beverages, taxes, tips, transfers from the airport, water sports and resort entertainment. Some even include golf, tennis, water skiing, scuba, and excursions.

Oceanside at The All Inclusive El Dorado Royale In The Mayan Riviera

Many all-inclusive resorts are designed just for couples, creating the romantic atmosphere honeymooners crave. Some resorts will even coordinate weddings for resort guests at no additional charge. In-room amenities like hot tubs, room service, and luxury beds create the intimate atmosphere of an unforgettable honeymoon.

Honeymoon Cruises Offer a Little Bit of Everything

Honeymooners search for cruises more than any other single destination. Cruises are similar to all-inclusive packages but they take place on a large ship that makes stops at one or more ports. Usually you spend one day at each port and the rest of your vacation on the ship, which is packed with live music, activities and all-you-can-eat food. Cruises can last from hours to weeks, and vary widely in terms of ship size, destinations and luxury. Many of the popular destinations listed above can be visited by cruise.

So there you have it.  Some great locations for you to get away and begin your new lives together.  No matter where you go, no matter what you do, make sure you take the time to spend it together because life will get in your way and you will regret not having taken a honeymoon.

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Elements to Make Your Wedding Day Special

Image source

Your wedding day is one of the most important and meaningful days of your life. You want to make it as special and personal as you can so that you can remember every detail well long after it is over.

Fortunately, creating unique and fun weddings is a growing trend in the wedding scene. You can use some of these ideas, adapted to your own tastes, to make a wedding that is centered on you and your spouse. Here are some elements you can use to make your wedding day special.

Nontraditional symbols at the ceremony

Many people lights candles and give each other rings to symbolize their new marriage, but there are other ways to commemorate you event that you can cherish for a lifetime. Consider having you both pour different colored sand into a decorative vase to symbolize your union. These and other ideas are elements that you can keep in your new home forever.

Image Source

Memorable wedding party gifts

Your wedding party is a big part of your wedding day. Make them feel special and appreciated with really great bridesmaid gifts and cool groomsmen gifts that they will be able to use forever to remember your wedding day. Popular options are personalized necklaces and flasks.

Use your family memorabilia for decorations

You family memories are a big part of how you got to the alter in the first place. Make you pasts a part of the wedding décor by incorporating things like pictures and other memorabilia. A very special item to include would be something from your parents wedding day.

Incorporate your new initials

This is a big change after the wedding ceremony for the bride, so it should be celebrated and embraced on the wedding day. Incorporate your new initials anywhere in the wedding. Popular options include sewing it onto your veil or wedding dress.

Image Source





Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You can find her on Twitter.

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Pledge Your Vows With a tropical Wedding

If you wish to make your vows of wedding in a traditional style, then you would be choosing the decorations of the tropical flowers. An eccentric shape with bright hues of colors, is enough to take your breath away. The tropical flowers smell exquisitely fine, and wherever they are kept fill the surroundings with their lovely fragrance.  These flowers bloom more in the tropical climatic regions.

Tropical flowers are sometimes described in a poetic manner. They sear like the fire, they flow their fragrance like the waters, and they are as strong as the steel and filled with enrapturing beauty. If you are willing to have a dream wedding and add some tropical flowers in your decorations to make the occasion a memorable for whole of the audience.

Types Of Tropical Flowers:

The ardent flower lovers, who are spending their lives with these beautiful floras, would be familiar with its classification. Most loved flowers are the Orchids, the Rhizomas, Gingers, Heliconias and the African moon. The wedding decorators select from this flowering categories to add the tinge of elegance in the wedding functions.

Places To Decorate At The Wedding:

These flowers can be used at the entrance hall of the wedding, at the buffet table, or at the altar. You can also pin them on your getaway car. Placing a tiny red flower on the wedding card is a good idea, to grab the attention of the invitees. You can also decorate them on your wedding cake. If you are organizing your wedding in a city, then these flower decorations would make you feel, as if you are in some beautiful tropical region amidst the forest of flowers.

You can opt for a pure white orchid planted in a small pot, to bring an essence of blissful and pure love between the couple. The bridal bouquet can be made with the selection of colourful orchids. You can create an exotic tropical theme for your wedding and transfer the audience in the dreamland of flowers. You can contact the Flower Station at London for decorations and other things.

A Healing Stress Buster:

Flowers tend to heal the psychological state of the people. Our daily lives are filled with stress and tension. We live amidst the materialistic aspects, of achieving success all the time. So, indulging in this alternative of instantaneous pleasure can create an effect of a healing therapy on the mindset of the wedding couple as well as the guests. Choose the mailing services of Flower delivered London for speedy placement of orders.

Where To Find Them?

The effect of the tropical flowers would look more alluring if they are chosen and designed in an appropriately. They would remain on the minds of the audience for the days to come. These tropical flowers are available roundabout the year so it is easy to find them at the local florist or the flower growers.

You can use your credit card to buy the tropical wedding flowers. They would come with necessary instructions, as to how to cut the flowers in a delicate manner and the way of handling the flowers that you have purchased. By sensible handling of the flowers the bride would be able to maintain its durability. FlowerStation.com at London offers to enhance the occasion of weddings through their collection of flowers as per the choice of the customer.

To order the tropical wedding plants you can opt for the courier services of Flower delivered London, they would place your order at your address within the working hours.

Finest Tropical Flowers To Choose For Wedding:

Orchids: This are simply the best choice for weddings. You can opt for types like cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis, or the dendrobium orchids.

Ginger Flowers: Suitable for making a tropical bouquet. It comes in pink and red colours.

Bird Of Paradise: The structure of this exotic flower resembles the body of a bird. They are huge in size so a bride can use only a small quantity of them.

Stargazer Lily: This flower is suitable for creating the effect of stars, as it is very exotic and belongs to the lily family.

Gardenia: This flower is suitable if you have an ample of white colour running in your wedding theme. Also, it is used for bouquet making.

Heliconia: Its exquisite form with vibrant ornamental effect can be used in the bouquet wish list.

African Moon: Its brilliant white form is useful for decorations at night.

Hibiscus: It is a permanent choice for the wedding planners. These flowers are used in all occasions, especially in forming the wedding bouquet.

The Flower Station specializes in the delivery of these flowers. You can also opt for the services of Flowers delivered London for a speedy delivery of your tropical flowers.

About The Author: Daniel Clark is a wedding professional and he works for Flower Station. Here he gives tips on the tropical wedding theme and ordering flowers from flowers delivered London and make the event memorable.

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