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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Bride and Groom.com!  We hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving full of family, friends, and amazingly delicious food!

It is November! The month of Gratitutde!  Thanksgiving Day!  A day to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with!  Number one on many of our minds is our significant other!   So in honor of the month, the holiday…here is a great little article that talks about two little words -THANK YOU – that go a LONG way in a relationship!


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Tips for Keeping Weight Off Over the Holidays

The holidays are great.  Amazing food, tons of friends, fancy drinks etc.  It seems not matter who you are, a bride to be or not, everyone tends to gain a little extra weight during this time of year.  It is not typically as dramatic and drastic as some people let on, but it does actually happen.  For most it is not a big deal, but if you have a wedding coming up, a fitted, tailored dress to fit into, and a desire to look your absolute best on your wedding day then for you the holiday weight gain may be cause for concern.

Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the weight gain under control during the holidays.

1. Don’t deprive yourself. Just have three luscious bites instead of three pieces of pie. Studies show that the more deprived a person feels, the more preoccupied they become with food. If you allow yourself to have a few bites instead of depriving yourself, you will feel less like eating the whole pie later – when no one is looking. Western Journal of Nursing Research

2. Increase your exercise time by 10 to 20 minutes – either all at once or throughout your day. According to the American College of Sports medicine you can get your exercise in 10-minute segments of time and it is just as effective as if you exercise for a full 30 minutes. During the holidays it is hard to fit a block of exercise time into a busy schedule, but we can all find 10 minutes to walk, dance, or jump around.

3. Find five slimming, healthy recipes to take to pot-luck holiday dinners. Pot luck dinners, especially holiday pot luck dinners, can be a dangerous place if you are trying to lose or maintain weight. The buffet is usually loaded with delicious comfort food because cooks always bring their best to pot luck functions. With a little planning and creativity, you can make an addition to the buffet that tastes good and is healthy. When in doubt, bring grapes, raw vegetables and low-calorie dip, or other healthful dish. You know that you will have something to eat that is good and good for you.

4. Have a healthy snack before a holiday dinner so you don’t eat so much. Snacks have gotten a bad rap for ruining appetites, but it’s a charge that is undeserved. Snacks can actually help curb your appetite so that you do not overeat during a meal or dinner party. The right kind of snack, such as a handful of walnuts or almonds, can also regulate blood sugar and keep hunger pangs at bay.

5. Eat regular meals. During the holidays it is often tempting to skip meals. However, if you eat regular meals, you allow your body to maintain a consistent blood sugar level. It is important to plan your meals and snacks throughout the day. Starving yourself all day and then eating all evening is not an effective plan for weight maintenance. It has also been shown that people who eat breakfast fare better throughout the day than people who do not.

6. Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. Studies have proven a link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. People who don’t get enough sleep often have a challenge curbing feelings of hunger. According to a University of Chicago study, leptin, the hormone that tells the brain there is no need for food decreased 18 percent in people who sleep only four nights for two nights. These same people had the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger, increase by 28 percent.

7. Plan what and how much you will eat at parties – choose to take a small piece of cake, but skip the chips. If you have a general plan, you will be able to enjoy the party and meet your self-imposed expectations and goals. You will feel in control before, during and after the event.

8. Drink water – It has zero calories and can prevent mindless eating. Water has many benefits. We need water to feel hydrated, which may keep sleepiness at bay. If we drink water before meals, we will also feel less hungry and be able to enjoy the meal before us.

9. If you blow your plan, get back on track as soon as possible. Each day is a gift. If you veered off track at the family gathering on Saturday, there is no reason for you not to get back to your goals on Sunday. Don’t chastise yourself psychologically; it is counter-productive.

10. Remember: Everything in moderation. Moderation is the key to not feeling deprived and keeping yourself in balance. Whether it pertains to your exercise program, your healthy eating plan or any other activities, making small, but consistent adjustments will help you stay on track, feel better and perform at your best.

Small helpful tip – Are you planning on hitting all the Black Friday sales?  Consider parking further out when you shop.  While it doesn’t seem like much, parking at the back of the parking lot will help you walk those extra steps and those steps will add up.  Also, you don’t have to fight looking for a space anyway.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Wedding Tips and Ideas

Are you getting married this Thanksgiving weekend? Or are you considering a Thanksgiving weekend wedding in 2015?  Hopefully this post can help you out and give you some valuable information.

Thanksgiving is a time of year that people look forward enjoying good food and spending time with loved ones so why not keep the good times and quality family time going with a Thanksgiving Weekend Wedding!  There are definitely advantages and disadvantages.  One big advantage is that people will be traveling into town for the holiday.  One disadvantage is that people will be traveling out of town for the holiday.

We recently found an article posted on yahoo.com concerning ideas for brides having a Thanksgiving weekend wedding.  We thought it would be appropriate to share with you.

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a time to enjoy family and friends, who will be happy to share in the joy of the newlywed couple on their special wedding day. The late fall season is time of family gatherings and celebration of the harvest. Following are some tips and suggestions for couples planning a Thanksgiving weekend wedding.

1. Traditionally, Thanksgiving has been a four day weekend for working people, but his is not as true as it used to be. Many businesses, including offices, service industries and retail stores require employees to return to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Do not assume that everyone will be able to travel on this holiday weekend. Consider the availability of the guests closest to the bride and groom when planning the wedding day.

2. Announce the date for the wedding as early as possible, so that guests can make their plans. Send out an announcement or write guests individually to let them know that an invitation will be forthcoming, so that they can save the date and make necessary advance plans. Understand that not all guests will be able to attend the holiday weekend wedding. There will always be schedule conflicts, not matter what date you choose. Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for family gatherings. Some people will just not be able to attend, so do not get hurt feelings if guests decline the invitation.

3. Reserve the church and reception facility as early as possible. This is always advisable when planning a wedding.

4. Choose a color theme for the wedding. Harvest colors of gold, orange, rust, brown, plum, burgundy and green are popular choices for a fall wedding. There are really no limits on the color choice for an autumn wedding, but rich deep colors or bright colors coordinate with the season best. An elegant look can be achieved with light colors or ivory or cream, highlighted by deeper colors for accent.

5. The bride’s dress offers chance for the bride to really shine on this joyous occasion. Fashion choices are endless for the stylish bride. Fabric can be a heavy brocade, lush velvet or beautiful ivory lace. Lightweight silk is another great fabric choice.

6. Avoid chills by wearing a shoulder wrap or cape. The bride should have a pretty shoulder wrap, velvet scarf, or cape; to ward off chill, especially if the dress has bare shoulders or a low neckline.

7. Bridesmaid dresses in rich autumn hues are a stylish, elegant choice. The dresses may be accented with lush velvet or brocade fabrics. Like the bride, the bridesmaids should have some kind of wrap to cover the shoulders.

8. Grooms and Groomsmen. The groom and men in wedding party may wear tuxedos of black or dark gray. In a less formal wedding, consider brown or tan suits for the men.

9. Flowers in colorful bouquets and centerpieces add beauty to the atmosphere. According to The Knot, the hottest trend in fall wedding flowers is lush, richly hued arrangements filled with a variety of interesting textures. Use a wide mix of flowers that coordinate with the wedding color scheme. Mums and dahlias are fall blooms that come a a vanity of hues to complement with the wedding color scheme. Of course, roses are a classic choice that look great any season.

10. Centerpieces. Instead of glass vases, consider using plants as centerpieces.Succulent plants are a popular landscaping trends that can be worked into their wedding table centerpieces. Succulents come in fall hues, like aubergine, pomegranate and cactus green. These unique plants mix easily with flowers.

11. Wedding Favors. Have fun with wedding favors, using the fall theme. Unique fall favor ideas include caramel apples, mini maple syrup bottles,Maple sugar candies, mixed nuts or candied pecans in tiny baskets, apple cider mix, and apple butter packaged in mini jars.

12. Unless the wedding is on Thanksgiving Day itself, the menu should not include turkey. Many guests will have had their fill of turkey by the day after the holiday. If having the reception is at a banquet hall, or restaurant, the banquet manager should be able to advise about the fall menu. Some suggestions for a fall theme includes starter of squash or pumpkin soup. If a starter of a salad is desired, embellish it with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, apple slices or rich aged cheddar. Classic main courses include salmon and/or steak. Some more unusual main dish choices include Cornish hens and rack of lamb.

13. Offer warming beverages, such as hot apple cider. Some people do not drink alcohol, so offer them a seasonal beverage in addition the more commonly offered coffee, such as a hot cocoa bar.

14. Fall wedding cake. Consider a unique flavor of the fall season, by picking a pumpkin cake, carrot cake or spice cake. Chocolate cake is always popular and is a rich flavor that is perfect for autumn. White or ivory colored icing accented with rich fall colors is lovely. Decorate the cake with colored floral or autumn leave designs in fall hues, such as yellow, red and burnt orange.

15. Decorate the entry with a fall theme. Fall decorations at the entry way set the mood for the Thanksgiving harvest theme. Cornstalks, Indian corn and pumpkins can be placed next to the door for a welcoming display.

Enjoy your many blessings on your Thanksgiving wedding. Best wishes to the bride and groom!

Article originally posted on Yahoo Voices.com written by Christine Bude Nyholm

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Tis the Season ~ Winter Wedding Season/Engagement Season/Wedding Show Season

The holidays are upon us! What an absolutely wonderful time of year!  Thanksgiving is just a few days away, then comes the beautiful, yet hectic, Christmas season, and right after that….WINTER WEDDING SEASON with several great Bridal Shows to attend!

Photo Courtesy Of Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen

This Holiday Season could also be called “Engagement Season.” Maybe you have already noticed the increased amount of diamond ads and commercials not so subtly displayed, mailed out, and played over and over throughout the holiday season. Tis the season where more guys get down on one knee and pop the question, more than at any other time throughout the year.  According to The Knot.com, December is the most popular month to get engaged.

“According to WeddingWire, a Bethesda company that provides technology for the wedding industry, 33 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Families are together, sparkly lights abound and people are in the mood to unwrap things.” -From this article

Photo courtesy of Amber Shaw Photography

After the rush of holiday proposals, the real wedding season begins as brides start planning their big day right away! January becomes a very busy month for the new bride-to-be, wedding web sites see a big spike in traffic, and brides are looking to find all they need to plan the perfect wedding.  The Bridal Extravaganza with their Winter wedding shows are ready to help brides check everything they can off their “To Do” lists!

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City lies the valleys only 5 diamond hotel.  The amazingly stunning Grand America is the host to The Winter Bridal Extravaganza and this wedding showcase is like no other showcase in Utah.

With its white Bethel-granite exterior, this 24-story luxury hotel dominates the skyline a few blocks south of downtown. Inside the beveled-glass and brass doors, you step into a world of Italian marble floors and walls and pure old-world style—think English wool carpets, French furniture and tapestries, and colorful Murano-glass chandeliers. . – Fodors.com

Photo Courtesy of Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen

Saturday, January 3rd, 2014 is the date you will want to make down in your calendars.

Here is just a sneak peak of what The Winter Bridal Extravaganza at The Grand America will offer to attending brides, grooms and guests.

  • Over 100 of Utah’s Best Wedding Professionals will be on hand to help you plan your magical day
  • Fashion Shows by David’s Bridal and Men’s Wearhouse
  • Musical Entertainment & Food Sampling
  • Live Displays of what your Dream Wedding could actually look like
  • The First 150 Brides To Arrive Will Receive A Complimentary Two-Night Get Away

JANUARY 3rd, 2015

11:00 – 5:30




Photo Courtesy of Swensen Photography

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Feature Friday ~ Eternal Oils ~ by Jane

Today on the blog we are excited to feature a business that provides a unique product – a beautifully hand painted memory to be cherished for years to come. Eternal Oils by Jane creates commissioned fine-oil paintings of LDS temples, brides and grooms, brides and grooms in front of LDS temples, or any other commissioned painting idea.

This talented artist, Jane, is especially interested in painting LDS Temples with the bride and groom in front.  This is a very personal and unique painting that can be put on display at your reception which can add a beautiful and very personal touch to the decor.

One couple, who recently commissioned a piece from Eternal Oils by Jane, is getting married tomorrow, November 22nd! We thought it would be very appropriate to display their piece as a part of this feature while also showing the process Jane goes through to create such beautiful, uniquely person pieces of art.

She starts with photographs, and then lets her artistic creativity take over.  She took a photograph that she had snapped earlier this year of the St. George temple, sketched it, then transferred it to the canvas and “added color to the white.”

After the sky and temple were finished, she used a photo of the soon to be bride and groom, and painted them in the foreground.  Here is the photo of the couple she used for the painting:

Here is the beautiful finished product: a lovely personal, 11×14, fine oil painting that the couple plans on displaying at their wedding reception.

Jane is excited to meet more wonderful future brides and grooms that would love a personalized, commissioned painting of their own! Eternal Oils by Jane can create you an extraordinary piece of art to not only display on your wedding day, but a work of art that will last a lifetime and forever captures a moment in time of your love story.

A bit more about Jane and her artistic philosophy:

“What I want out of my artistic life is to leave a legacy of faith, determination and courage. I want my art to be collected and treasured by those who seek beauty, peace and fulfillment from the visual images they surround themselves with. Visual imagery is a language all its own, a method of communication that transcends all language barriers, but has some barriers of its own. What I am trying to communicate with my artistic expressions isn’t necessarily what the viewer will feel. Each artwork being observed is interpreted by a unique individual with their own set of interpreters and carries a different message, perhaps even at different crossroads for the same viewer, like rereading a book and understanding it differently on the reread. I’m looking for you, kindred spirit. One with whom to communicate on a visual level, all depths of reverence and beauty.”

The happy bride when she picked up her painting at the airport.  Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their upcoming wedding! Thank you for sharing your painting with us.

Jane is open to any other commissioned painting idea as well.  So whether you want a painting of a specific temple or location in which you get married, a painting of the bride and groom on or before the wedding day, or a piece featuring any detail of your wedding, such as the cake, she is willing to capture that eternal memory for you through her artwork.

You can Email Jane at nilajaneautry@gmail.com with any questions, requests, comments, etc.

Check out her website at http://nilajaneautry.com

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Throwback Thursday ~ Great Indoor Photography Locations in Utah

Is it getting a little too cold for you outside?  But do you still have engagements, bridals, or wedding photos to take? Well bring it indoors.  Though outdoor pictures seem to be the most popular, there are so many indoor locations that still make for beautiful pictures.  So check out today’s Throwback Thursday from January 23, 2008 that gives several ideas of some stunning indoor locations to take into consideration.  Do you have some you could add to the list?

Great Indoor Photography Locations in Utah

Where are the best indoor photography locations in Salt Lake City?  There are more than you might think.

When getting engagements or bridals, most couples choose to go outside for their pictures.  When it is raining or too cold to go outside – there are many great indoor locations to consider.

Indoor Photography Locations in Salt Lake

Winter Bridal - Brody Dezember Photography

  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • McCune Mansion
  • La Caille
  • The Depot at the Gateway
  • The Grand America Hotel
  • Hotel Monaco
  • Tuscany Restaurant
  • Utah State Capital

Each location will have different rules for getting pictures at their place.

Check with your photographer for specific details.

Do you have a location to add to the list of great indoor wedding photography locations?

Additional Resources

Photo from Brody Dezember Photography.

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Wedding Photography Tips (Part 2) ~ How to Make Sure You Get What you Want

While many brides are completely happy with the way their wedding pictures turn out, unfortunately many brides have looked back with regret, wishing their photographer had done certain things better or that the communication between the photographer and them had been better.  They end up unhappy with some aspect of their wedding pictures and that is so sad!  Your wedding photos should perfectly capture everything you want about your special day. Those captured memories will be with you for a lifetime.  So here are a few more  tips to improve communication with your photographer to endue that you get the specifics, the quantity, and the quality of pictures you want and deserve from your big day.

1. Some photographers are so good at taking pictures of all the little details of the wedding and truly capture every memory for you. Others not so much . So if you want pictures of all the little details, decor, favors, etc, make sure that is understood by your photographer.

Wedding details photo by Amber Shaw Photography

2.  If you want more direction from the photographer, TELL THEM!  Especially in group photos!

3.  Be specific about who you would like pictures of.  Who are the VIPS. Do you mostly want pictures of you and your new husband?  Do you want a lot of family pictures?  Do you want to capture all the fun pre wedding moments and other great photo ops with your bridesmaids?  The wedding party?  Who do you want in your pictures?  Discuss this with your photographer. It would probably be a good idea to write out a list of specific shots you want taken or pictures you definitely want with certain important people.

4.  Some photographers work in teams.  Consider if that is something that you would want.  A second photographer, with a second camera has the likelihood to capture even more special moments, different moments from different perspectives or vantage points, etc.

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

5.  Some photographers love what they do more than others.  Find a photographer that is PASSIONATE about what they do.  Find a photographer that LOVES what they do!

6.  Will the photographer provide a CD or allow you to choose from all the pictures taken?  Some photographers just take it upon themselves to pick the “best of” themselves without giving you options.  If you don’t want that, discuss it with them.  Also understand who will have the digital rights and for how long.

7.  Make sure you develop a relationship with your photographer before the day of the wedding so that you know you can communicate with them on the day.  If your personalities don’t mesh, or if they are a quiet, closed off photographer, you may not feel comfortable conveying what you want.

Photo found here

8.  Make sure the lighting is good and discuss lighting with your photographer.

9.  It is your day and if you know shots that you wanted haven’t been taken, you definitely have the the right to request them. Don’t wait until after the wedding and have a big list of, “I wish I had this or that picture.”  Request it, remind the photographer, demand it.  It is your wedding and you can tell the photographer what photos you want captured!

10.  Most photographers know what basic wedding photos should be taken. Find a photographer that goes beyond that to capture the in-between moments, the candid shots, the visiting with guests, the interactions with friends and family.  Those captured memories will be just as equally important to you as the posed ones.

Photo Credit: Grey Likes Weddings

So it seems that if problems occur between brides and the photographer it boils down to a few problems that can be prevented and should be taken care of long before the day of the wedding so that no bride looks back at her pictures wishing they had something more.  First, communicate.  Lack of communication can cause SO many problems.  In any relationship, business or personal, clear communication is key to making sure everyone is on the same page.  Maintain that clear communication through every aspect and every stage so everyone’s expectations are met – before, during, and after the wedding day.  Second, let your photographer know that you want direction, ideas, and both parties should have a shot list prepared and understood so nothing that is desired is missed. Have we mentioned the importance of open COMMUNICATION!

Photo Credit: Regi Photo

Tips for photographers:

1.  ”You need to take the initiative to make sure your bride understands what you are going to provide for her, before, during and especially after the wedding. Spend the time to communicate with her what it is exactly you will do on the day of and during the days following the wedding so that she feels comfortable trusting you with the important role of documenting her wedding day.”

2. “Although some brides felt that their photographers weren’t creative enough with the poses, it is evident that many brides prefer for their photographers to not only be open to pose suggestions, but to have a prepared list of poses that include portrait shots as well as whimsical, fun poses.”

Ideas and quoted tips for photographers from this article.

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Locate the Ideal Florist for Your Floral Arrangement Requirements ~Guest Blogger

Thanks to our guest blogger Daniel Clark for his article “Locate The Ideal Florist for Your Floral Arrangement Requirements” today on the blog.

Every time there is a new flower arrangement trend, you can witness it in the city. Simple palettes of ivory, pale pink and pale blue color or seasonal springtime flowers such as ranunculus, muscari, tulips, and the all time favorite, scented roses, are mostly preferred for any occasion.

Numerous glass bottles and jars filled with hydrangeas, delphinium, astilbe, and roses as well as the beautiful spring ranunculus and muscari are also popular. These flowers are highly in demand for all occasions and in such cases; it becomes essential to locate a good florist in the neighborhood. A good local florist can supply you with fresh flowers at any point of time. Try to locate a florist who is the neighborhood. This way you can walk down to the shop and pick flowers of your choice at any time.

Working with a local community florist will develop a personal relationship with your florist. This relationship can make a big difference whenever you have a need for a florist who will identify with what you are looking for and make good recommendations for family events such as weddings, birthday parties, bachelor’s party, funerals, or other events. An additional advantage of working with a neighborhood florist is you are able to see for yourself how things will be done.

Good florists do not only think about things you prefer, but may also ask questions about who will be getting the flowers. With this information, they can provide expert guidance and recommendations to best match up your flowers to your sentiment, occasion, individuality or home decor. Below are few tips to locate and select the ideal florist in your neighborhood can surely be beneficial for you.

1.  Personalization: A florist would be creating gifts for the most personal moments in your life. Locate one that is willing to take some time to determine your tastes and preferences. You can direct him according to what decorations you need.

2.  Perfect match: Every florist would be different, having his or her very own flair and sense of personal design. You need to find a local florist that will design in accordance with your own individual preference. Having good bonding with the florist can also help as they will understand your floral arrangement needs.

3.  Scope for imagination: Flower arrangement is an art. You will be able to find a florist that sees each arrangement as a piece of artwork. He/she should be very creative, so that you will get different types of arrangements each time.

4.  Good Service: What are the working hours of the florist? You will find many of florists that work at home part time. They might be a good fit to suit your needs, just ensure that the local florist you select would be available at times that work for you. Do not forget to ask if they offer a satisfaction-guarantee.

5.  Quality Product: Good florists supply quality arrangements, which will stay fresh for several days or maybe weeks.

Apart from the normal occasion, you need a good florist for your wedding. Selecting wedding flowers is the most important task of your wedding. You will probably purchase more flowers from your florist for your wedding than for any other occasion in your life. The florist you select will play a major role in setting the tone for your big day. Besides your bridal bouquet, traditionally you will need bouquets for your attendants, boutonnieres for your groom, groomsmen and fathers; corsages for your mothers; flowers to decorate the ceremony site, and centerpieces for the reception tables. Hence your florist can surely help and guide you to choose the perfect flowers for these events.

Author bio:

Daniel Clark is a wedding planner and a passionate blogger. He is sharing tips for finding a florist for your decorations. He has also organized many successful events with flowers.

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Save the Date ~ January 3rd, 2015 Winter Bridal Extravaganza Show


The HOLIDAY SEASON is a upon us with Thanksgiving a couple weeks away and Christmas just over a month away, but while there is still plenty of 2014 to go and much to celebrate before we ring in the new year, before you know it will be WEDDING SHOW SEASON.  If you are getting married in 2015, make sure to save the date for Utah’s premier wedding showcases. The Bridal Extravaganza shows always bring in many of Utah’s very best wedding professionals and they do it at the some of the state’s best locations.  There is not one but TWO bridal shows coming up in the not so distant future!

The Winter Bridal Extravaganza at The Grand America has quickly become the premier wedding show in the state.  Let’s face it nobody does it like The Grand.  Named the only 5 diamond hotel in Salt Lake City The Grand America is second to none when it comes to elegance and beauty. On Saturday, January 3rd Utah’s very best wedding professionals will be on hand from 11:00 until 5:30 to help you plan your perfect wedding.  Not only will you meet with Utah’s best wedding vendors but you will also be able to sample food from Utah’s best caterers, be pampered by some of the best hair and makeup specialists in the state, see fashion shows from some incredible bridal gown and tuxedo designers, and also see first hand what a wedding at The Grand America looks like.

Click HERE to register early for The Winter Bridal Extravaganza at The Grand America Hotel
January 3, 2015 from 11:00 – 5:30.

Use Coupon Code FB3OFF for FREE TICKETS

The second show that you should mark on your calendars is the Northern Utah Bridal Show at the beautiful Davis Conference Center on Saturday February 14th, 2015. Yes, Valentine’s Day! So plan on making it a fun date for you and your honey! This is the third year for this show and it has quickly became the number one wedding show in all of Northern Utah.  The best wedding professionals from Davis, Weber, Box Elder and Cache Counties will be on hand to help brides and grooms alike see what kind of first class service they can get in The Northern Utah wedding market.

Both shows will be offering amazing prizes to be given away throughout the day so attending brides could receive thousands of dollars worth of gifts and prizes throughout the day.  A two night get away will be given to the first 150 brides who arrive at both of the shows as well as other prizes to early bird brides.

So if you are planning a wedding in 2015, make sure to mark your calendars because The Bridal Extravaganza shows are something you do not want to miss.

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Feature Friday ~ Edona Photography

We are excited to feature the edgy, elegant and evocative EDONA PHOTOGRAPHY today on the blog. Edona Photography is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and is operated by Priscilla Durkin.

Edona Photogrpahy specializes in creating one-of-a-kind works of art featuring the Bride and Groom. My goal is to create images that are timeless, elegant, and uniquely you. Shooting your wedding means capturing and sharing the images that are your story. As such, each of our wedding collections include a custom desgined Italian crafted 12X8 wedding album.

Additionally, engagement or pre-wedding sessions are included with all of my collections. The reason is simple, but has a powerful impact on the final product. To capture the essence of your relationship it is important to get together before the wedding day. This short time together will allow you, the couple, a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera. It also affords me the opportunity to see the natural dynamic between the two of you.

Simply put, the result is tremendous. Going into your wedding we will have an understanding that couldn’t have been achieved if we met for the first time on your wedding day. Having met the two of you in a low key, intimate environment ahead of time allows me to know the real you better. Not the you that is tending to guests, timetables and seeing to the multitude of demands for your time. Having a geniune feel for you means the images become more than simply the posed shots. We capture the real moments – those moments that are uniquely you.

Edona Photography‘s mission is to provide the best wedding photography available; to capture lasting memories; and create amazing artwork for your home.  Priscilla Durkin truly loves photography and is passionate about creating beautiful, unique artwork for each and every client.


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