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TBT: Wedding Cake Fun with Groom’s Cakes

Oh my goodness! I love this Throwback Thursday post!  This post from June 21, 2011 has some super fun ideas for Groom’s Cakes! Did any of you have a fun Groom’s Cake at your wedding?

Photo Courtesy of~Cake-A-Licious

Getting your groom involved in your wedding isn’t always an easy task.  But when you find something that he is interested in & incorporate that into your wedding magic happens.  Having a groom’s cake is the perfect way to add a personal touch & fun item that represents him.  Groom’s cakes are typically not about the wedding theme but they can be.  When thinking about what kind of a groom’s cake your man would want think about his interests, hobbies & personal favorites and talk it over with your cake decorator.  We have some amazingly talented cake decorators on our site if you are looking for one.

From his job to his favorite sport & every where in between, picking out the perfect groom’s cake will make your groom feel more part of the wedding.  My favorite is a surprise Groom’s cake for that unexpected groom that really wanted to have something in particular in the wedding but you didn’t want to add what it to your decor.  This is the perfect way to add his touch to your dream wedding.

We hope these images from Cake-A-LiciousSugar Kisses Cakes by Design will help inspire you to find, create or design the perfect Groom’s cake.

Photo Courtesy of~Cake-A-Licious

Photo Courtesy of~Cake-A-Licious

Photo Courtesy of~Cake-A-Licious

Photo by~Swensen Photography Cake Created by~Sugar Kisses Cakes by Design

Courtesy of~Sugar Kisses Cakes  By Design

Courtesy of~Sugar Kisses Cakes By Design

Courtesy of~Sugar Kisses Cakes By Design

Courtesy of~Sugar Kisses Cakes By Design

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Guest Blogger ~ Trendy Floral Trends to Plan Luxurious Wedding in 2015!!

Thank you to our guest blogger today for their contribution to the blog!

Trendy Floral Trends to Plan Luxurious Wedding in 2015

The wedding floral arrangements play a very important role in making the wedding special. When one is planning a wedding, they should pre-plan for the wedding floral arrangements according to the season and latest trends. If you are planning for a 2015 wedding, here presented is some of the best floral trends for organizing a luxurious wedding.

So let’s have a look at some of the best wedding flowers trends of 2015:

  • Entering the ceremony in style: This is one of the most popular trends for the upcoming 2015 outdoor summer weddings. Entering the ceremony in style could include entering the ceremony through a doorway that is stunningly decorated with the garland. The old wooden doors would remain shut in the lead up to the ceremony and then open as the bride walks through them.

  • Wearing flowering crowns: Wearing head wreaths is quite common nowadays, but why not to try wearing beautiful floral crowns. From past few months, there has been increased usage of beautiful floral crowns especially for the brides and it is getting successful as popular trend for 2015. Depending on the overall wedding style, these flowering crowns are made from pretty delicate flowers or the fuller crown of the roses and the hydrangeas.

  • Making extensive use of hanging flowers: If the wedding venue has the lovely grounds then one can choose a statement tree and have the bottles right from hanging from the branches filled with the pretty blooms. These could make the wonderful backdrop for the photos. Also, one could use the whole tree as the alternative wedding guest books by asking the guests for writing their messages on the luggage tags and tying them to the hanging bottles.

These were some of the top wedding floral trends for 2015. In order to make these trends going on in a perfect way, one can pay attention to some of the following factors to make these flowers pop and look absolutely stunning.

  • Opt for the top blooms: The wedding florist must opt for the seasonal top blooms as well as other most common bridal flowers. The English roses, hydrangeas, peonies, dahlias as well as ranunculus are some of the favourites among the brides. Other than that, look for other stunning blooms that match-up with the personality of the brides.
  • Look for more greenery: The brides can opt for different types of herbs like the rosemary and mint, lemon leaf, ivy and many others as they are being strung together and are used in surprising ways.

  • Go with the free-spirited arrangements: One can opt for free-spirited arrangements rather than building the arrangements around one flower or just one colour. The wedding florists must select the blooms that look like they were plucked from the same wild garden or which falls within definite colour palette. The wedding florists can also opt for placing non-floral items like the berries, acorns, fruits as well as paper cut-outs. This arrangement may look unstructured, but definitely magical one.
  • Look up: The centrepieces are no longer limited to just a centre of the table, instead the clever brides will be hanging their showcase blooms from the above. This will make the ambience more attractive and stunning.

Thus, these were some of the top factors and floral considerations that could contribute greatly in planning for a luxurious wedding in 2015.

Author’s Bio: Ryan is a professional blogger and a florist too. In the above post, he is sharing different wedding flowers trends that could help in planning luxurious wedding.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from thebrideandgroom.com!

And if you want to check out an amazing site with some fun St. Patrick’s Day wedding ideas. Click here: http://www.bridalguide.com/http://www.bridalguide.com/blogs/bridal-buzz/st-patricks-day-wedding/bridal-buzz/st-patricks-day-wedding

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How to be the Best Groom: A Guide for Men ~ Guest Blogger

We often hear about how women prepare for their wedding but what do men need to do? It is important that they get involved and not just sit back and wait until the big day comes!

This guide ensures the groom get the basics right so they don’t run in to any problems. 11 easy things to keep in mind in the build up to the wedding. These are simple and fun tasks to ensure you are ready for your wedding and can enjoy the day with a bit of peace of mind.

There’s also some useful information for picking your best man and who to thank in your speech. You don’t want to make a mistake picking a best man so ensure you pick a good one for the right reasons. Also, you don’t want to offend anybody in your speech so this is a handy guide on who you must thank.

This info-graphic from Melissa Rae Photography explains what all men need to know about being a groom. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

A big thank you to Melissa Rae from Melissa Rae Photography for sharing this fun and informative info graphic with so many great tips for grooms as they take a more active role in preparing for their big wedding day.

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The Bridal Extravaganza Website Has New Look

The Bridal Extravaganza team is thrilled to announce that they have recently unveiled a new and improved Bridal Extravaganza website at utahbridalshows.com.

We are excited about the new polished look, improved functionality, easy navigation, and informative features. We truly feel this website will be a great asset and beneficial tool for vendors and brides alike as we work together to create the best bridal shows in Utah!

Please take a minute and check out all the new website and while you are there register for our next exciting upcoming show, The Spring Bridal Extravaganza at the South Towne Expo Center on Saturday, April 18th.

The Bridal Extravaganza Team

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Feature Friday ~ Men’s Rings for Less

Today’s Feature Friday is on another amazing vendor and very important contributor to our Cake Dives at our Bridal Extravaganza shows:

Men’s Rings for Less is committed to providing their customers with high quality rings at low prices. They pride themselves on their excellent service and customer satisfaction, and they have had over 10,o00 happy customers!

They offer over 450 different styles of rings!

Have you heard of Tungsten rings? Do you know why they are gaining in popularity?  Men’s Rings for Less answers the question: WHY CHOOSE TUNGSTEN?

Tungsten is the hardest, most durable metal on earth. Unlike gold and silver, which are easily tarnished and lose their luster through the years, a piece of tungsten jewelry will never be parted from its shine. It’s an industrial metal designed for the heaviest tasks redesigned with beauty and charm in mind. Simply put, a tungsten ring is forever.

“At Men’s Rings For Less, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of men’s rings at the absolute lowest prices.  Whether you’re buying a ring for fashion or for that special wedding day, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with not only the quality and price of your ring, but with the service you’ll receive as well.”

Contact Info:

Customer Service:  sales@mensringsforless.com

Phone Number : 801.458.7422

Website: http://www.mensringsforless.com

Check them out on Facebook HERE

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TBT: Diamonds~A Man’s Guide to Buying a Diamond~From Morgan Jewelers

This past Monday we had a great guest post about essential factors to consider when trying to choose the perfect engagement ring. So here is one more post to give you some helpful tips on buying the right diamond for that girl of your dreams.  This post was originally written on March 20, 2010 and is an article from Morgan Jewelers.

Diamonds~A Man’s Guide to Buying a Diamond~From Morgan Jewelers

The Diamond is an important part of the engagement process.  Here is a great article from our friends at Morgan Jewelers to give you some knowledge when picking out the ring that will last for a lifetime, or FOREVER.  After all, Diamonds are Forever.

Photography By: Swensen Photography


Congratulations! Now that you’ve found the perfect woman, make sure you find the perfect diamond to suit her. Just as your love for each other is unique, no two diamonds are alike. Each has its own personality and distinct style.

It’s easier than you may think to select a ring that is sure to make your fiancé’s eyes light up. Whether she’s discussed her preferences with you or dropped not-so-subtle hints, you don’t have to go it alone.

How do I know I’m buying a quality stone?

This is an important consideration. You should know that the quality of a diamond has nothing to do with size or color alone. But it has everything to do with the Four C’s: Cut, Color Clarity and Carat-weight. These four characteristics are what determine a diamond’s quality and value.  We will be doing a separate blog on the 4 C’s so stay tuned.

What’s the best shape for a Diamond Engagement Ring?

The precision with which your diamond is cut will determine its brilliance, its fire and its ultimate beauty. However, the shape you select is a matter of personal taste. The round brilliant is the most popular shape, but there are many others, such as the oval, marquise, pear, emerald and square. Today the emphasis is on simple, elegant designs that highlight the beauty of the diamonds themselves. So, you can never go wrong with the classic diamond engagement ring.

How much should I spend?

All that the diamond engagement ring symbolizes is, of course, priceless. Today, two months’ salary is generally considered a good guideline to follow. Now, that may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t when you think about it. The cost of everything has gone up. And you can’t expect to pay the same price for your diamond as your parents did. Fortunately, your diamond engagement ring does have great value and, like love, can grow more precious with time. This is the one lasting symbol of your love and it will be a daily reminder of the rare and precious love you share.

When should I buy a diamond engagement ring?

Some men, after they’ve “popped the question,” begin looking for a diamond engagement ring. Then dream up all sorts of ways of surprising their bride-to-be with the ring. Others purchase one on their own and then surprise their fiancé with a proposal and a diamond engagement ring. Some women wish to make the selection themselves. Whatever feels right to you is the right way.

We want to give a special thanks to Morgan Jewelers for this article.  For more information you can visit their website HERE.

To see our wedding ring gallery click HERE.

Morgan Jewelers

Photography by: Monarch Photography

Photography by: Tiny Comet

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Creative & Unique Photos of Wedding Rings

Awhile back when I was writing some features on some amazing Utah wedding photographers, I had the opportunity to look through many of their pictures. One thing I noticed was their creative and unique approaches to photographing the wedding rings. As I looked at these beautiful photos I thought about my husband’s poor wedding ring. His ring was a really neat, custom made wedding ring, which he unfortunately only had for about the first 5 years of our marriage. We aren’t certain what became of it, but we have a sinking suspicion that one of our stinker toddler boys at the time flushed it down the toilet! So a photograph of our wedding rings from the day we were married would especially mean even more to me now that we no longer have that first special wedding ring I placed on my husband’s finger on our wedding day.

So since we are talking a bit about rings this week on the blog, I wanted to share some of my favorite images of wedding rings from two fantastic photographers. Their creative approach and beautiful photos really capture a special detail of the wedding – the symbolic wedding rings.

The amazing photos below are all courtesy of Amber Shaw Photography.  I  especially like how elements of the season in which the couple is married are incorporated into the pictures, whether it be a Fall leaf or melon, a Summer wildflower, or a Winter frosted tree branch. So not only does the photo display the rings, but captures a bit of the rustic feel and essence of the season.

The photos below are courtesy of Shanda Lynn Call Photography.  I love how she incorporates elements of the wedding and the wedding theme:  the colors, the bouquets, the decor, etc. as her photographs so beautifully and creatively display the wedding rings.

A big thanks to Amber Shaw Photography and Shanda Lynn Call Photography for sharing these beautiful images with us.

To all you brides and grooms to be out there, make sure to have your photographer get a picture of your rings on your big day, because you never know, one day a ring might just get flushed down a toilet! Hopefully this post gave you some ideas and inspiration about how you may want your rings – the symbol of your eternal love – displayed and photographed on your special day.

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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Essential Factors to Consider ~ Guest Blogger

Today we are excited to have a new guest blogger on the blog sharing some great tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring. So if you are a guy and are getting ready to pop the question, this is a blog you will want to read before you go out in search of the perfect ring for your bride to be!

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Essential Factors to Consider

by Brianna Blackham

Photo credit

Asking your beloved to become your wife can be very exciting. However, it can also be very daunting. Fortunately, looking for the perfect ring does not have to be as nerve-wracking. Narrow down your options by keeping the following key guidelines in mind.

1. Consider your budget

Before you figure out all the other details, you need to decide on the amount you are willing to shell out first and foremost. Some traditions dictate that saving at least a good two months for the ring would be ideal. However, if you are more practical as opposed to traditional, it would be a sound idea to go for something you can afford, as there will be other financial considerations you need to take care of once you start your life together.

If you can’t wait to propose but you don’t think you can afford to buy a really fancy ring at the moment, it would be a good idea to consider giving her something that is within your price range first and give her an extravagant one as soon as you can afford it. Fortunately, more often than not, jewelers often have rings that will suit everyone’s price range.

2. Figure out her style

If you want to impress your girl, go the extra mile. Case in point; opt for a ring that will reflect both her taste and preference. If you don’t have the slightest idea as to what she likes, you can casually ask her about it (if you play your part well, she won’t notice!). Or if not, you can ask family members and friends as to what her preference may be.

You can also get an idea from her taste in jewelry and clothes. Does she prefer contemporary, classic or way out there fashion? Chances are, that’s how she wants her engagement ring to be, too.

Photo Credit

3. Choose the right cut

Understandably, diamond rings have been the choice of many since time immemorial. There are various ways diamonds are cut. However, you need to keep in mind that the type of cut you choose can have a dramatic impact on its sparkle. If you want a cut that produces the most sparkle, the brilliant (or round) cut is your perfect choice. If you want the stone to appear bigger, an oval cut would be ideal.

Below is a guide to some of the most common cuts available at your disposal. When choosing, keep in mind that the perfect cut is just as important as the stone’s weight, color and even clarity.

Photo credit

4. Pick the right gemstone and setting

The piece that keeps the gemstone in place is called the setting. The feature piece, sometimes referred to as the ‘rock’ is the gemstone. Undeniably, the right combination of setting and gemstone can produce a piece worthy of admiration. For instance, if you want to bring about contrast, you can go for a gold band with a platinum setting. While many assume the bigger the stone, the better the ring will be, such is not always the case.

As a general rule of thumb, it is always best to go for whatever it is that you know will suit your significant other’s personality and taste more than anything else.

Photo Credit

5. Choose a reliable jeweler

Let’s crush a common misconception here: Expensive is not always synonymous to ideal. In other words, when choosing a jeweler, rather than automatically opting for someone highly popular, choose one that is registered with an organization, society or association that certifies and regulates jewelers.

It will also work to your advantage if you put your savvy research skills to the test by checking reviews posted by previous clients online so you can effectively weigh your options.

Undoubtedly, finding the perfect engagement ring is no easy feat. However, as long as you keep the fundamentals in mind, finding the consummate symbol of your affection becomes relatively easier.

Author Bio:

Brianna Blackham writes on a variety of subjects and maintains to develop her passion for writing. As an enthusiast in jewelry, Brianna includes writing about jewelry designs in her work. She is a freelance writer in Diamond Emporium – exquisite collection of personalised diamond engagement rings and unique diamond jewelry.

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SAVE THE DATE ~ The Spring Bridal Extravaganza

Spring is (hopefully) just right around the corner and that means The Bridal Extravaganza team is in full gear putting together the biggest wedding show of the Spring season. in just SIX WEEKS, Utah’s best wedding professionals will gather at The South Towne Expo Center on Saturday, April 18th to help brides who are in the planning process of their weddings get some amazing ideas. Whether you are newly engaged, need to put the finishing touches on your summer wedding planning, or just need some ideas  - No matter what your planning situation is, SAVE THE DATE because this is the show you DO NOT want to miss.

Click HERE to preregister for the show!

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