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Haunted Wedding Venues

Halloween is a fun time of year! One of the best parts about Halloween is the air of spookiness, the ideas of ghosts, goblins, or vampires lurking.  So today I thought it would be fun to share some of the most haunted venues across the country that host weddings and receptions.  There are some great stories behind these beautiful buildings.  Would you dare to get married at or honeymoon at one of these haunted locations?

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This building is known as America’s Most Haunted Hotel.  This grand building has been hosting weddings for over 125 years and is one of the nation’s too wedding and honeymoon destinations.  Paranormal researchers from the show Ghost Hunters actually captured a full body apparition in a hat and nodding with their thermal-imaging camera. During the late 1930s Dr. Norman Baker owned the hotel and created a bogus cancer treatment center. He claimed to have the cure so people flocked to the hotel to be a part of this medical miracle.  Instead he did experiments and other horrible things to the patients, scammed their families for money, and cured no one.  It is said that Dr. Baker, painfully duped cancer patients, and others haunt the rooms and halls daily.

Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Since 1930, this hotel has hosted presidents, world leaders, and inaugural balls. And it is haunted. One of the presidential suites is even named “The Ghost Suite” because of its unexplained occurrences. The space used to be the apartment for former owner, Henry Doherty, and his family. While the Dohertys lived there, the family experienced three unexpected deaths — Mr. Doherty’s daughter, wife, and live-in housekeeper.

The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California

This old hotel is the epitome of Old Hollywood Glamour.  It was designed and built to cater to celebrities.  After renovations in 1984 weird occurrences began, as if the spirits were now angry.  Cold spots, a pretty blonde apparition hanging, strange noises, phantom typewriting, shadows, and phones lifting on their own are just a few of the odd phenomena said to happen here.

The Lodge Resort in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

The ghost of Rebecca, a murdered chambermaid, floats through the halls of this hotel. She disappeared from her quarters after her lover found her in the arms of another. In her wake, fireplaces spontaneously light and lights flicker on and off, ash trays slide across tables unassisted, doors open an close, furniture moves. The hotel notes that Rebecca is a friendly ghost who never threatens the hotel’s staff or guests -they even named the restaurant in her honor.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado (aka The Shining hotel)

Stephen King wrote The Shining after staying in room 217.  The ghost of F.O. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner, is said to play piano in the music room while his wife, Flora, frequents the billiard room and lobby. Also, watch out for room 418, where guests have claimed to hear children outside their door — only to find none in sight.

There are also reports of people seeing a man standing in their rooms and then running into the room’s closet. Others have said they have seen him just hovering in the middle of their room before disappearing into thin air. Staff and visitors have reported unseen hands yanking at their clothing. The ghost of a small child who calls out to his nanny has been spotted on several occasions on the second floor; Stephen King has also claimed to have seen this.

The Earl of Dunraven, who owned the land prior to the Stanley’s, is said to haunt room 407, where the aroma of his cherry pipe tobacco still can be smelled. A ghostly face has also been reported peering out of the room’s window when it was not occupied.

Don Vicente de Ybor Inn in Tampa, Florida

The Travel Channel’s Dead Files nicknamed this former hospital, “Hotel Hell.” Research conducted by the show found the building may have been the site of mafia activity and a deranged doctor who performed experiments on bodies he tried to bring back to life. The show’s medium sensed the spirit of a nurse and dozens of other apparitions. Despite the frightening history, hundreds of couples have had dream weddings within the walls of this creepy hotel.

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

This hotel is said to be haunted by old sea captains who turn mounted ship’s wheels and by Bridget Bishop, the first person executed in the Salem Witch Trials. The Hawthorne was built on the site of an apple orchard owned by Bishop and people have smelled apples cooking when there aren’t any.

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

You can host your wedding in this permanently docked cruise ship—if you don’t mind some uninvited guests! The ghosts of three travelers and two crewmen—one of whom was crushed in an automatic door!—are said to haunt the decks of this ship. There are reports of uninvited guests who like to show up suddenly and interrupt wedding ceremonies and other events.   These ghosts have been haunting the Queen Mary for many years and have been spotted by numerous people.

The Kewaunee Inn (Formerly the Historic Karsten Inn)- Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Children who visit this hotel are often seen playing with a mysterious little boy—reportedly the ghost of Billy, a 5-year-old who died there more than 100 years ago. Billy’s grandfather, William Karsten, Sr, the hotel owner who put a lot of love and work into the inn, also is said to still be staying there. Agatha, a long-dead housekeeper, is mischievous and haunts the property with cold spots, hiding things, the aroma of roses, setting alarms to go off at midnight, and turing on stove burners.  Some activity that occurs is moved furniture, sour smells, cigar smoke,  and apparitions appear that appear in the suite, rooms 210-215, where William lived.

The Hotel Provincial in New Orleans, Louisiana

This was once a Confederate hospital according to folklore, and numerous guests have reported seeing ghosts of soldiers, hearing moaning, whispering, footsteps,radios being turned on, and doors being slammed. Inexplicable hot and cold areas are also claimed to be signs of paranormal activity.

The Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island

Before booking your wedding here, you might want to take the Ghosts of Belcourt Castle Tour, during which spirits are often spotted, especially in the Gothic Ballroom. In addition to ghosts, the chateau is home to haunted furniture, a screaming suit of armor, a mirror that doesn’t show people’s reflections, and a statue that has been declared possessed.

The Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, California

The most popular ghost story happened in room 302, now room 3312. On Thanksgiving, 1892, Kate Morgan, ill from pregnancy, sat in her room waiting for her husband. Five days later, she was found on the beach stairs, dead from a mysterious gunshot wound to her head. Rumors have it that she is still waiting in her hotel room for her husband! Drapes move and the screens fall off the windows, for no apparent reason at all and lights can be seen from unoccupied rooms! If you dare to add some extra “excitement” to your wedding night, reserve room 3312 for your honeymoon suite! Guests have also made reports of a boy and girl running up and down the hotel hallways and stairways. Guests have claimed that they have felt a chill and heard unexplained “childlike” noises.

The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana

Legend says this 215 year old Southern plantation is haunted by an enslaved woman named Chloe who lost an ear when she eavesdropped on her master.  In revenge, Chloe poisoned the master’s two daughters with a birthday cake. They are also said to haunt the grounds.

The Martha Washington Inn in Abingdon Virginia

It was from the Civil War era that many of the ghosts came to exist at The Martha Washington Inn. Sightings of ghosts and other eery encounters have been experienced by guests and staff, including myself. Violin music can still be heard coming from room 403. The ghost, named Beth, soothed a dying confederate solider by playing the violin. Guests in room 210 have actually been touched by ghosts! If you stay in room 302, you might witness an entire silent party! Images appear on the mirrors in the salon.

Pythian Castle in Springfield, Missouri

This castle is over 100 years old and has been home to everyone from orphans to soldiers.  Today you can hear male of female voices, bump into unseen masses, hear doors shutting, or see boxes moving on their own.  Orbs have also been seen along with other paranormal images caught on camera.

Ohio State Reformatory Prison in Mansfield, Ohio

Every year this former penitentiary hosts a bridal show called “Glamour in the Slammer.”  This unique wedding venue is beautiful with a castle facade, but is said to be haunted my several inmates who died there or killed themselves within the walls. In 1950, the warden’s wife accidentally shot herself with a hidden pistol while removing a jewelry box from a closet. A few years later, the warden died of a massive heart attack. Today, tour guides and guests swear they hear this husband and wife talking from beyond the grave.

Now that we are all thoroughly spooked…

This is just a few of the many, many haunted hotels and wedding venues across the country.  So, would you choose to get married in one of these creepy, yet extremely beautiful and historically rich locations?

Check in in tomorrow to read some Ghost Bride stories!

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Halloween Wedding Ideas

Halloween is such a fun holiday!  What could be more fun than dressing up, eating candy, and feeling the adrenaline rush of a good scare!? How about incorporating some of the best that Halloween has to offer into your wedding day!  It certainly isn’t traditional, but if it fits you and your personality, a Halloween themed wedding could be very fun and very memorable.

Right now  I am surrounded by my Halloween decorations, Pandora is playing some Halloweeen party music, and I am ready for a few Halloween posts to finish out this week!  So here are  a few wedding ideas that have totally embraced the fun Halloween theme.

These first pictures take a creepy Halloween wedding theme to the extreme.  Apparently there is a place called the Viva Las Vegas Chapel and it is a top-rated chapel to hold a spooky Halloween wedding day!  These zombie-like brides and grooms really embraced the theatrical horror-themed wedding and will have some creepy memories from their big day!

Photos from here

Even cakes can get in on the creepiness!

Photo Credit: 1/2/3

This next type of Halloween wedding is a little less Walking Dead-esque.  It incorporates some cute, much more subtle Halloween elements while still remaining chic, stylish, and setting a nice Autumn atmosphere.

Photo Credit: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

I am loving all of those spooky details, the fun ideas, and the amazing Halloween theme running through ever element of the those weddings above!

Here are some pretty amazing Halloween cakes!

Photo Credit: 1/2/3

Oh the fun that can be had and the unique look that can be created with a Halloween wedding theme! Stay tuned for more fun Halloween posts the rest of the week!

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Bridal Makeup Tips for Every Bride (Part 1)~ Guest Blogger

Thanks to our guest blogger, Whitney Hollingshead, for sharing some great makeup tips today on the blog.

Bridal Makeup Tips for Every Bride

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

You have dozens, if not hundreds, of important small decisions to make in preparation of your big day.  From the dress, to your shoes, to your hairstyle, to your jewelry, you want everything about you to look perfect.  As your makeup will play a significant role in your bridal look, you will want to plan ahead to ensure that everything turns out just the way you want.  Here are some bridal makeup tips worth remembering.

General Bridal Makeup Tips

Here are some key general tips to keep in mind for makeup application on your big day:

1. First and foremost, the most important thing to remember about bridal makeup is that while you want to look like the best version of you, you still want to look like you.  Your wedding day is not the time to try out new or trendy makeup techniques.  Focus instead on accenting your best features and being comfortable in your own skin.

2. Do not give in to pressure from any source to wear anything that just isn’t you.  For example, if you hate lipstick, wear a tinted gloss instead.  If eyeliner makes you feel gothic, feel free to skip it.  While you will most likely wear more makeup on your wedding day than a normal day, make sure everything you use enhances your overall look.  More is not always better.

3. Your wedding day is prime time.  Using makeup primers will set the perfect base for your makeup application and make your look last longer.  Use a foundation primer, an eyelid primer, an eyelash primer, and a lip primer for the best makeup application results.  If you do not have these primers already, invest in them right away.

4. Try to avoid using moisturizer or foundation that has SPF in the ingredients.  These products can cause interference with the flash in photographs.

5. Purchase some oil blotting paper sheets to use instead of applying additional powder throughout the day.

6. Use a waterproof mascara on your lashes after applying an eyelash primer.  Make sure you have makeup removing wipes on hand to gently remove the mascara at the end of the day.  You can also use clear mascara on your eyebrows to keep them in place.

7. Stay away from anything that has sparkles, glitter, or iridescence of any type.  These products can also interfere with the flash.  Sparkly makeup will also date your look.  Stick with a more classic and polished look.

Author Bio:
Whitney Hollingshead is an optimist, a dreamer, and a professional writer.  She loves learning and sharing tips, tricks, and fun facts with others.  In her spare time she thrives on coming up with fun and creative solutions for everyday opportunities, especially when the solutions enable her to spend more time with family and friends.

Check out the blog next week for Part 2 of Whitney’s article with great advice on Doing Your Own Makeup, Asking a Friend or Family Member to Help, and Hiring a Professional.

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SAVE THE DATE ~ Grand America Bridal Show

Halloween is a still a week away and January 3rd, 2015 might seem like it is still a really far off date, but with the holiday season upon us, time will really start flying by and the new year will be here before we know it!  With so many people getting engaged over the holidays, January really becomes the heart of wedding show season. So SAVE THE DATE for the GRAND AMERICA BRIDAL SHOW.  Put it on your calendars now and plan on attending winter’s best bridal showcase at one of Utah’s most extravagant locations!


Check out the blog every Saturday from now until the show on January 3, 2015 to get a little more information about The Grand America and this exciting winter bridal extravaganza!

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Feature Friday ~ Salt City Lashes

We are excited to feature a new and upcoming business today on the blog.  Salt City Lashes just opened their doors for business this past summer, but these amazing Lash Artists are licensed and trained professionals who provide a very popular service especially one that brides would enjoy to help them look even more beautiful on their wedding day!

Salt City Lashes is the only professional lashes-only studio in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and have opened a gorgeous studio in the Salt Lake Design Center.

The Lash Artists are professionals who choose to do nothing but lashes because it is their specialty and passion.  When you come to Salt City Lashes you can expect the very best lash service, a complimentary consultation, and an overall great experience.  They listen to what the client wants and will work with you to provide the service plan that works for you because they want to provide you with a one-of-a kind lash experience!

Salt City Lashes specializes in the art of individual and volume lash extensions.  If you feel like your natural eyelashes are too short, too straight, too light, too thin, OR you want some extra “oh-la-la,” eyelash extensions for your big wedding day, Salt City Lashes provide a low-maintenance solution. Lash extensions are an art form, in which each individual lash is lengthened with precision to accomplish a customized look. At Salt City Lashes, they tailor fit your extensions to compliment the shape and beauty of your eyes. Everyone has a different eye shape, face shape, eye size, or look they want to achieve, so a style professional there can give you a free consultation to advise you as to what the best lengths, curls, or shape would be best for you and suit your look perfectly.

There is no better place to get yourself a beautiful, professional set of eyelash extensions at the most affordable prices.  They want each of their clients to feel like they are getting the most for their dollar and service time.  If you have a big wedding event coming up, they will travel to you on your special occasion. They also offer bridal party discounts if you get your entire bridal party done. They can accommodate lash parties of up to 6, typically servicing 2-3 at a time.

Ask about the BRIDAL SPECIAL! When you pay for a full set at regular price you can get a free fill or half off a new set of lashes when you give them the rights to 4 professional photos featuring our lashes.

Let Salt City Lashes take your eyelashes to the next level with full, thick, curly lashes like you’ve always dreamed of!

Mention that you read about Salt City Lashes on  The Bride and Groom.com blog, and they will give you HALF OFF your first service!

Phone Number:








You can also follow them on Instagram!


378 West Broadway
(300 South)
Inside Salt Lake Design Center
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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Throwback Thursday ~Bridesmaid Bouquets: Tips & Ideas for your Bridesmaid Bouquets

It has been fun reading back over so many great posts on the blog over the years! Todays Throwback Thursday gives some great tips about making your bridesmaid bouquets unique or trying new things.  It dates back to December 2, 2010.  Enjoy!

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

Written by~Natalie Dew

Photo by~Expressions From the Heart

Who says a Bridesmaid’s accessory has to be a flower bouquet? With all of the new accessory trends we are seeing, it’s the perfect time to try something fun with the girls you most love.

-A beaded bouquet is sure to draw a lot of attention, as well as look completely unique. You could try glass bead flowers in your bouquet, or go completely one-of-a-kind and just have funky strands of beads!

Photo by: Etsy

-Paper bouquets are a great solution for the bride who does not plan to have flowers as a large part of her budget. It also allows for complete color customization, as well as a bouquet that will never wilt or die! Some brides also love a little more hands-on approach to crafting personal parts of their wedding, and hand making your bouquets could not provide a better opportunity.

-Believe it or not, wooden flowers are amazingly beautiful. In most cases, the wood is shaved into the petals of the flowers, making an absolutely beautiful bouquet. This would be especially perfect for a vintage-style or wedding in the woods.

Or, if you’re feeling more traditional, try these ways to make your beautiful bouquets even more unique.

-Add some fun vintage charms to the wrap of your stems.

Photo by~Whimsy Floral

-Try wrapping your stems with a funky ribbon. Most craft stores have beautiful patterns, as well as different fabrics and textures, like lace and velvet. This can also add a detailed element to the season of your wedding.

-Rather than the usual bunch, display the flowers in baskets, or purses, to make the bouquet cute and convenient! I, personally, am a huge fan of the wrist-let flower-balls that are very trendy right now!

-Add feathers to the flowers, or try making your whole bouquet from these beautiful wisps.

Photo by~ Chic Design Studio

Also, don’t hesitate to ask your wonderful florist for unique ideas and tips. Places like Flower Patch and Chic Design Studios, as well as all of the other vendors on our website, are swarming with creative employees who have your best interest in mind. Go ahead and ask them for ideas, and opinions on even your most outrageous ideas! They are experts who love being unique, just as every bride does.

Photo by~Flower Patch

For more Wedding Flower & Bouquet image be sure to check out our Flower GalleryBridal Bouquet Gallery on our website The Bride and Groom.com.

To find an amazing Wedding Florist be sure to check out our vendors on our site The Bride and Groom.com.

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Fall Flower Trends

It seems like sometimes it is much easier to choose flowers for a Summer or Spring wedding.  Almost every flower is in season and Summer encompasses any flower that is bright and sunny. Flowers at a Spring wedding are the ultimate symbol of new life and a new beginning.  Choosing flowers for Fall and Winter can be a little trickier.  You can always use a Fall harvest theme and substitute some flowers with apples, pumpkins, sticks, leaves, wheat, etc.  But every wedding needs some flowers and choosing flowers that still reflect a Fall theme takes more thought, preparation, and creativity.  However, do not think that your options are limited!  Your Fall wedding flowers can still be as gorgeous, trendy, and perfect as any other time of the year.  The hottest Fall flower trends are picking rich, vibrant hues that reflect the rich colors of the season, having lots of texture, placing them in unique vases, displays, or containers for the flower decor, and incorporating other unconventional elements that stray from the typical.


Fall bridal bouquets, decorations, and centerpieces are often adorned with components of Autumn such as branches, leaves, acorns, crab apples, berries, pinecones, nuts, pumpkins, figs, etc. Other unique mix-ins include lotus pods, hypericum berries, fiddlehead ferns, wooly lamb’s ear leaves, and viburnum.  Consider using these natural elements with rich brown, gold, and amber colors of the season to create a textured, unique look.

Another great way to add texture is to create arrangements with several different kinds of blooms. Instead of just one or two blooms, try a mix of flowers that go well with your color scheme.  Flowers are all so unique, so putting these different colors and textures together create a really exciting and eye catching look.

Classic Wedding Flowers in Rich Autumn Hues:

Although texture is a hot trend right now, some classic flowers can stand alone and create a beautiful bouquets. The ever popular roses and lush, elegant dahlias come in the deeper shades of Fall such as red, burgundy, orange, and plum.  Other beautiful flowers include calla lilies in a deep crimson color and hydrangeas in greens and purples.

Structured Bouquets:

Although it may look good in the summer to have a loose bouquet that looks like it was freshly gathered in the garden, Fall and Winter bouquets should have more structure. Think densely packed, dome-shaped bouquets in beautiful Fall colors.  Finish the bouquet by wrapping the stems in a textured fabric, velvet, or satin ribbons.

Incorporate more Plants:

Succulents are thick and fleshy plants that are usually grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.  They are extremely popular in landscaping, but these unique plants make great centerpieces at your wedding or can even become accent flowers on cakes or in bouquets.  They are not associated with any one season, but the petal-like leaves do come in some great Fall colors.

Say goodbye to plain glass vases:

For centerpieces, eclectic containers are all the rage.  You can use everything from copper pots, wooden containers, textured vases, bowls, pumpkins, etc.  Mismatched urns and pots, along with pots of various sizes, can really amp up the fun in your decor and create a very unique look.

As you can see, you don’t have to feel limited by the flowers available  for a Fall wedding. The colors of Autumn are absolutely beautiful and you can do some many amazing combinations.  All of these colors look gorgeous next to the white of a wedding dress as well. Your bridal bouquet should be the perfect finishing touch to your bridal attire. Make sure to choose something that you love and that fits in with the theme of your wedding. With so many beautiful color choices, bloom choices, styles, mix-ins, textures, etc, your bouquet can that perfect  complement to your look on your special day!

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Unique Fall Bridal Bouquets

Fall is a time where you can incorporate a lot of rustic and natural Fall elements into your flower arrangements, decor, and even into your bridal bouquet.  Natural elements can include sticks, leaves, fruit, pumpkins, berries, nuts, pinecones, etc.   Here are some bridal bouquets that embraced the elements and look distinctly Fall, extremely unique, but absolutely beautiful!

Pinecone and Wheat Bouquet:

Photo Courtesy of Amber Shaw Photography

Pinecones, Cotton, and Burlap:

Photo found here

Bouquet of Succulents:

Photo Courtesy of Shanda Call Photography

Rustic Bouquet:

Photo found here

Sunflower Bouquet:

Photo found here

Pumpkin Bouquet:

Photo found here

Apple Bouquet:

Photo found here

Feather Bouquet:

Photo found here

Thistle, fiddlehead fern, crespedia, and succulents:

Photo found here

Bouquet of Leaves:

Photo found here

What do you think?  Would you be willing to incorporate some of these unique components into your bouquet?  What combinations could you use?  These Fall bouquets are definitely not  typical, but are definitely beautiful in their own unique way.

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Feature Friday ~ Suspended In Time Flower Preservation

We are excited to feature a business today that provides a service that is often overlooked, but such an important service after the wedding day has come and gone. Suspended In Time® has been drying and preserving flowers for over 17 years and has over 32  dealers across the U.S.! They offer wedding flower preservation, wedding gown preservation, as well as funeral flower preservation and other services.

Did you know that you can have your flowers beautifully preserved and sealed for generations to come?
For those once in a lifetime moments, your memories can literally be Suspended In Time®

Suspended in Time offers custom designs and encasements that reflect each bride’s own style and taste and with prices for all budgets.  So what sets this business apart from others in the field?  Their revolutionary drying method is so fast!  It only takes them 3-5 days to dry flowers and with very little deterioration, giving better dried color and shape and a fantastic end product.

Here are some tips from Suspended in Time for handling your bouquet so that it can be more easily preserved later on:

  • Try not to touch the flowers too much a this leaves oils from your hands on the petals and can darken where they have been touched.
  • Keep your flowers in a refrigerator or other cool area when you are not using them and with the stems in cool water.
  • Trim the stem a bit every day to make sure water is getting to the flowers.
  • NEVER put your flowers in a freezer
  • After the wedding, pictures, and reception are over with, find the nearest Suspended in Time dealer and get your flowers to them as soon as you can.

The sooner they can start the preservation process, the better the outcome will be. Visit here for more tips on caring for your flowers.

So how do they do it?  The bouquet preservation process begins when Suspended in Time receives the flowers and any special instructions from the bride.  They photograph the flowers before the process, and then after as well.  Once the speedy drying process is complete, the flowers are worked over a bit to make them look as fresh and colorful as possible.  The bride decides what memorabilia she wants included and picks out a shadowbox, glass box, frame, table dome, ornament or jewelry box from the many options available.  They then arrange the flowers and memorabilia in the encasement and provide an engraving with names and wedding date to give it a personalized finished look.

Suspended in Time offers so many options at very reasonable prices.  A variety of elegant high quality ornate frames, shadow boxes, table domes and glass boxes as well as a complete selection of colorful mats are available at prices to meet most budgets.

Besides flower preservation, they can also preserve your wedding gown! The dress comes in a box with a clear window that shows the bodice of the gown. The gown preservation includes the cleaning, pressing and even minor mending with a 100 year guarantee.

Suspended In Time ®’s revolutionary preservation yields dried flowers that look fresh and alive and because the special process dries flowers in 3 to 5 days the true color and shape of the delicate petals and leaves are truly remarkable.  The quality is impressive and each masterpiece is lovingly cared for because they understand not only are you creating a treasured memory and a beautiful wall décor but also an heirloom to be treasured for years and years to come. Imagine what you would feel if you could see your grandmother’s bouquet like it was on her wedding day.  For those once in a lifetime moments that you would like to hold onto, the beauty of the memory can literally be Suspended In Time®.

Visit them at their Utah Location at:
122 South Mountain Way Drive

Orem, Utah 84058

Call (801) 227-0075 or (866) 756-0059 (toll free) for more information.

Visti their website at www.SuspendedInTime.com to see more information on the prices, products, and services offered.

Email info@suspendedintime.com with any questions or for more information.

Check out the coupon below for a special deal and let Suspended in Time help you preserve a piece of your wedding for generations to come!

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Throwback Thursday ~ How to Select a Wedding Florist…

Today’s Throwback Thursday dates back to a post from January 12, 2008.  It shares some great tips on how to pick not only a florist, but the right flowers for your big day!  It seems like this advice and even the “2008 trends” are still very applicable to wedding flower trends of today. Great advice, tips, and considerations about wedding flowers.

Cala Lily Wedding Flowers Green Cake Flowers White Bride’s Bouquet Green and Plum Wedding Flowers

…and the right flowers for your wedding.

While trying to decide what look you’re going for on your wedding day, you should consider elements that you may have already chosen.

  • Wedding Dress- Is your wedding dress an elaborate gown, a modern mermaid style or a whimsical romantic style?
  • Wedding Colors - What colors have you decided on?  Are they rustic earthy tones or bright vibrant colors?
  • Wedding Location - Where will your wedding ceremony be located? Will the reception be at the same location as the ceremony? Indoor or outdoor?
  • Time of Year - What flowers are in season? What colors signify the time of year?
  • Personality & Hobbies - Liz from Whimsy Floral suggests incorporating your personality and hobbies into the look you are going for.  If you love the outdoors, why not incorporate that same passion into your theme? Use branches and berries, rocks and more natural colors.  If you have a light-hearted youthful spirit then focus on colors or patterns that exuberate your fun loving side.

If you’re unsure of the colors or style that you are looking for, search wedding websites or bridal magazines to find photos that fit your style.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

If you have a favorite color then start there, then find complimentary colors and shades. Audrey from Studio Stems suggests that brides consider their venue and the season the event is going to take place in.  Another starting point is to pick your favorite flower of that season and see what colors the flowers are available in.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A December wedding doesn’t mean that you must use red and a May wedding doesn’t mean you must use pink.  However; if you like those colors don’t stray away from what you like, simply for the sake of being different, advises Liz from Whimsy Floral.  Have fun with it!

Finding the Right Florist

Finding the right florist to help carry out your event, is the next step. When you are narrowing it down make a list of the florists that you like.  After you have narrowed it down to a few florists, go in and have a consultation.

When you meet with the florists, look for a person that you respect and trust - someone who can give helpful suggestions and will try to stay within a budget. It is important to maintain a healthy working relationship while planning your event. Also make sure that you get a contract started.

Setting a Budget for your Wedding Flowers

When planning your flower budget you should allocate 10-30% of your budget to flowers. There is flexibility in that if flowers are very important to you then you should be more generous on allowing more of the budget to go towards floral decor.

Another determining factor is if you are having a large wedding party.  Having a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen will increase the amount of money you will spend on flowers as well. As you are planning, be realistic .  If the beautiful centerpiece is out of your budget, work with your florist on something that will be affordable to you and just as beautiful.

Wedding Trends for 2008

Finally, the hot wedding trends for 2008. You are going to see brides “bring the outside in” states Liz from Whimsy Floral. By doing this you are going to see more organic things, like berries, driftwood, branches, and lots of green this year.

Another popular trend you are sure to see for weddings this year is the pairing of flowers and geometric shapes. This is not just going to be for flowers you will see this with linens and stationary.

You will also see textures incorporated into your décor.  Textures can add an additional depth and can achieve many different effects – elegant and graceful or fun and funky.

A few colors that you will sure to see with the coming year are all shades of greens, as well as eggplant purple.

Whatever trend you choose to incorporate – make sure it’s your style.

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Studio Stems - We strive to provide, a balance of all elements involved to create visual harmony, a blend of the clients personal tastes with the ambience of the environment and architecture, every detail addressed down to the most personal and unique bouquet wraps or lapel pins in customized colors, and of course stunning flowers in stunning shapes, colors, and designs. In the end an ultimate expression of you!

Whimsy Floral & Design – Our goal has always been to make your wedding a reflection of who you are and what you love.  From the elegant ribbon on your bridal bouquet to the chic containers that hold your centerpieces, every detail of each design is matched to showcase your personality and your style.

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