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Be Grateful for Love

The month of November, the month of Graitude is winding down. Tomorrow is  Thanksgiving Day! This holiday is a day to ponder about and give thanks for all that we have been blessed with! Number one on many of our minds is our significant other! So in honor of the month, the holiday, I wanted to share a few quotes of gratitude and about being thankful for your loved ones! Encouraging words about finding happiness with the life you have and being thankful for all you are blessed with! When you find love, it is a beautiful, precious, and wonderful thing! Be thankful you have found it and be thankful for that person you found it with!

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand

Those quotes offer us all some great advice!  It really is true:  There is Always something to be Grateful for!

One last thing: here is a great little article that talks about two little words -THANK YOU – that go a LONG way in a relationship! Check it out!


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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TBT:Honeymoons ~ Interesting Facts and Statistics

Maybe it is because the frigid winter temperatures are starting to creep in, but lately I find myself dreaming of a laying on a warm beach somewhere soaking in the sun. So as a result, you get blog posts about exotic and exciting honeymoons!  Today is a Throwback Thursday to last summer and a post with some interesting facts and statistics about honeymoons!  Enjoy!

We have posted numerous blogs over the past little while exploring various wedding traditions, customs, interesting wedding facts and some bizarre wedding history.  We thought it would be fun today to share some interesting information we learned about honeymoons.

Over the years we have written numerous blogs about the importance of honeymoons and how to make sure you have a great one, we also did one recently about unique honeymoon destinations and popular honeymoon cruises.  We can’t recommend it enough, taking a honeymoon is a very important part of beginning your marriage together.  Too often it is put off until later and life gets in the way and you never get that honeymoon you want.  We highly encourage it.

One interesting statistic was that only 1 in 4 couples goes on their dream honeymoon.  A great way to make sure you do go on your dream honeymoon is to go through a travel agent.

Make sure to check with a travel agent who specializes in honeymoons as you look to book yours, you will not regret going with an agent and they will make sure you do have the honeymoon of your dreams.

The first weddings comprised of a groom taking his bride by capture. He would take her somewhere hidden away so her relatives and villagers couldn’t find them. There they stayed for one moon phase and drank mead, a wine made from honey, to make them more amorous. Thus, the word “honeymoon” was born. Today, the honeymoon is the time when the couple can get away for awhile.


  • Estimated Number of Honeymooners: 1.4 million U.S. couples per year.
  • Among couples who choose a traditional wedding, 99 percent take a honeymoon.
  • On average, the honeymoon is booked 4 months before the wedding.
  • Honeymoons comprise a $12 billion-dollar-a-year industry.
  • Couples spend an average of $4,466 on their honeymoon. That’s three times as much as the average U.S. adult spends on a vacation. Luxury honeymooners, which comprise 15% of the market, spend an average of $9,954 and vacation for 11 days.
  • The honeymoon, on average, accounts for 14 percent of the wedding budget.
  • The length of an average honeymoon is eight days.
  • 62% of couples pay for most of their honeymoon on their own.
  • 10 percent of newlyweds take cruises for their honeymoon.
  • 37 percent of honeymoon trips are to domestic locations; 63 percent are foreign.
  • Most popular US honeymoon destinations: Hawaii, Florida, California, Nevada.
  • Most popular overseas destinations: Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Italy, St. Lucia, France, USVI.
  • Most popular luxury honeymoon destinations: Europe, Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific.
  • 40% of honeymooners will stay at a resort vs. 27 percent at a large hotel vs.10 percent at a small hotel.
  • Only 1 in 4 couples go on their dream honeymoon.
  • 48% of honeymooners visit Facebook while away.

Most Popular Honeymoon Activities:

  • Visiting a new place for sightseeing, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife- 75%
  • Beaches and lakes – 45%
  • Casinos – 20%
  • Cruises – 15%
  • Golf/sports vacations – 10%
  • Skiing trips – 5%




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5 Warm Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Oftentimes when you picture a honeymoon, you picture sunny beaches, your toes in the sand, and cool drink in your hand. If you are planning a honeymoon during the cold months, plan on getting away to somewhere warmer and maybe a bit more tropical! So if you are already dreading the long winter, consider these amazing warm winter honeymoon destinations.


Thailand proposes one of the most seductive vacation spots in the world and definitely would be a wonderful honeymoon choice!  The natural beauty, the kind Thai people, and the beautiful southern beaches will draw you in.  The rich historical and cultural elements will keep you interested and intrigued. There is certainly something for everyone to find to enjoy!


Australia provides an enormous selection of options for honeymooners of things to do!  Not to mention there are thousands of miles of coastline to discover and enjoy. Be sure and snorkel or scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef for some of the best underwater sightseeing in the world.  If you book a honeymoon “Down Under” be sure and check out the romance of the city of Sydney where you can do everything from take surfy lessons to experiencing the world-class entertainment at the famous Syndney Opera House. For a little more of a wild adventure, check out the beauty of the Outback!


The ever popular Aloha State is blessed with near-perfect weather year-round. It has diverse, gorgeous natural scenery, a warm and tropical climate, and several amazing beaches to choose from.  A perk to visiting during the winter months is that whales visit the warm waters off of Maui’s west coast from November to May.  The ideal surf season starts in late October and runs through March. Enjoy gorgeous scenery, hikes, and numerous choices for adventure in stunning natural surroundings.

Miami, Florida and/or Florida Keys

Looking for somewhere a little closer to home, but still with that tropical feel?  Consider Florida and Miami in particular.  Sunbathing is amazing at Sout hBeach.  Beautiful beaches, warm temps, interesting architecture, and a fun night life in town. Miami can be a super fun honeymoon destination.  Then take a nice drive to the Florida Keys from Miami. There are some amazing places to see along the way. Though the Florida Keys are technically a part of the United States, they seem to have an identity and feel all their own.  Other musts: cold beer, some live Jimmy Buffett cover music, fresh grouper for dinner and Key-lime pie for dessert.

Central/South America - Belize, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina..etc!

You really can’t go wrong honeymooning to Central or South America.  you will have amazing temperatures, beautiful beaches, and rich history to explore.  Argentina is the the most visited country in South America and its capital, Buenos Aires, the most visited city. It is known as the “Paris of South America,”and offers elegant architecture, exquisite cuisine, a legendary nightlife, and fashionable shopping.

Located on the north eastern coast of Central America, Belize is on of the hottest destinations during the cold months, its dry season is from November to late April. Here you can discover the Belize Barrier Reef and over 450 offshore Cayes (islands). You can choose from hundreds of activities such as fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, helicopter touring and you can also discover the Maya ruins.

Many of the countries offer some amazing honeymoon activities and opportunities for fun, relaxation, beautiful surroundings, and amazing atmospheres!





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Guest Blogger ~ The World’s Most Famous Diamonds Infographic

A big thank you to Jeff Gear of Gear Jewellers Dublin. He provided us with this very interesting infographic describing the most famous diamonds in the world. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a symbol of love and devotion!  But now here is some more interesting facts about diamonds we can only dream of!

The World’s Most Famous Diamonds

For most men, choosing what engagement ring to purchase for their beloved, is one of the most difficult purchasing decisions that they will make in their entire lives. Will she like it? Is it the ring of her dreams? What if she is disappointed? These questions and more swirl around in a man’s head and it can be a highly vexing time.

Nowadays, some men choose to propose with a simple placement holder ring instead of the real ring and then take their fiancé shopping to make the big purchase to alleviate this fear. But what if you are one of the very few who could pick any diamond that they wanted? What if you were in a position to choose one of the most famous diamonds in the world and set it in an engagement ring?

The Hope Diamond for example is one of the world’s most recognizable diamonds. It has a long recorded history and changed hands numerous times on its way from India to France to Britain and eventually to the United States where it now rests in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. At over 45 carats and a dark grey / blue color with an antique cushion cut, it is visually stunning. This infographic created by Gear Jewellers, highlights some of the most exquisite and most coveted diamonds around the world. Have a look for some fascinating facts about the world’s most spectacular diamonds.

Author Bio: Jeff Gear is the owner of Gear Jewellers Dublin. As a jewel he regularly write about interesting topics within the industry. This infographic he created explores the world’s most incredible diamonds, looking at their exquisite qualities and fascinating histories.

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Calling All Vendors ~ Come be a part of Utah’s Best Bridal Shows

January may seem like it is still forever away, but with the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays, the new year will be here before we know it! With the new year comes Bridal Show Season here at The Bridal Extravaganza!  We will be having TWO shows in January: The Northern Utah Bridal Show on Saturday, January 16th, 2016 and the extremely popular Grand America Bridal Show on Saturday, January 23rd!

WEDDING VENDORS! We want you to come and be a part of our shows! The Bridal Extravaganza is the #1 wedding show producer in Utah. We have more brides come to our shows looking to book wedding vendors than any other show in the state!

To learn more click HERE!





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Friday the 13th Weddings

Yep, today is one of those days dreaded by superstitious people everywhere: Friday the 13th! Though some people would never dream of having their wedding day on a day notoriously known for being the unluckiest day of the year, others see it as a lucky day, a unique day, an opportunity to have a fun themed wedding day.

According to old English folklore dating back to the 1800s, “A couple married on a Friday are doomed to a cat and dog life,” which means they will have a life together typified by arguments, fights, and disagreements. Who wants that? Pair that with the fear in general of the number 13 (because of historical Christian ties to the crucifixion of Jesus) and to wed on the 13th on a Friday just seems to be setting you up for disaster!

With eerie tales of bad luck, it’s no surprise that some couples are spooked by this supposedly unlucky day. A recent survey on TheKnot.com found that 1,345 fewer couples are getting married on July 13 than on the following Friday, leaving just 2,845 unfazed by the superstition. For those with no qualms about setting a potentially disastrous date, it’s simply an opportunity to work with an offbeat wedding theme (gothic black and red decor, 13 tables, symbols of luck). - Source

On the other hand, 13 is a lucky number for many! So here are some reasons to consider a Friday the 13th wedding:

A fun wedding theme: If you are not too superstitious, you could have a lot of fun going over the top with most people associate with bad luck on a typical Friday the 13th or any day of the year: black cats, decorating with open umbrellas, seeing each other before the ceremony (if you don’t mind not keeping the surprise!) are all fun ideas. Or go all out with good luck charms: wearing white, something old, something borrowed, something blue, horse shoes.  Those are all fun ideas to ward off any bad luck or bad vibes!  Or, if you would prefer to balance tempting fate with some good luck– why not incorporate the classic traditions? The Child of Prague, wearing white, something old and a horse shoe are just a few fun ways to ward off bad vibes!

Here is a list of more signs of GOOD LUCK:

For On The Way to The Ceremony….

~ It is good luck for the bride to encounter a lamb on her way to be wed.

~ It is also good luck for the bride to see a dove, because doves mate for life. The dove too, symbolizes love, peace, fidelity, prosperity and good luck. If a dove is seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured.

~ It is good luck for the bride to find a frog crossing her path as well.

~ It is a lucky omen when the bride crosses paths with a black cat on her way to the wedding.

~ It is good fortune for the bride to see a policeman, clergyman, doctor or blind man on her way to the church.

~ If the bride sees a rainbow on her way to the ceremony, it is a very lucky sign for the couple.

~ Sunshine on the way to the church is good luck.

For the Groom….

~ Your marriage will be filled with good fortune if the groom happens upon a pigeon, wolf or goat, on his way to the ceremony.

~ The groom should give a ~ coin to the first person he sees on his way to the church for good luck.

On the Wedding Day….

~ It is the best of luck omen for the bride to find a spider in her gown on her wedding day. (ick)

~ Tears from the bride or a child during the wedding service is considered lucky.

~ Snow on your wedding day is a sign of fertility and prosperity.

~ If you marry during the full moon, you will have good luck and good fortune.

~ An open umbrella (in Chinese culture, the umbrella is red) over the bride will protect her from evil.

So whether your are superstitious or not, this would be an unforgettable date to be married. It could be a truly unique and fun experience!  But if you are like the other 17 to 21 million people in the U.S who suffer from a very real fear of Friday the 13th, a phobia known as friggatriskaidekaphobia (Yes for reals!) then this is a day you would definitely pass over when considering a wedding date!

However, if a Friday the 13th wedding does appeal to you, look to the future! Unlike 2015, where we had THREE Friday the 13th days, there is only only one in 2016, so if you want to get married on Friday the 13th, schedule it for MAY 13, 2017!  For those looking even further ahead, there are TWO in 2017 in January and October!

Happy Friday the 13th! We wish you all the luck in the world today! :)

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Happy Veteran’s Day!

On this Veteran’s Day, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all of the veterans and active servicemen and women who have served and fought/fight for our country and the freedoms we enjoy!

The wedding blogger in me can’t help but think of not only the ultimate sacrifice of giving one’s life for your country, but also the sacrifice of time that so many have put in and are still putting in. Weddings are postponed, families are separated, husband’s and wives are apart, and children are without parents for extended periods of time. Yet amidst war, love was abundant. Historically, there are many stories of love being found in the midst of war. Love has survived tumultuous times. People were united in marriage only to have to say goodbye a short time later.

The couple above, Jim and Betty Stafford, met while he was based in Kent in 1942. One year later he convinced his superiors to give him a two week leave and they were married during that time! He survived four plane crashes during the war and their marriage endured for over 70 years! Mrs. Stafford said, “Love got us through.”

Source – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2403991/Suffolk-World-War-II-hero-Jim-Stafford-celebrates-70-years-marriage-wife-Betty.html

The adorable couple above met on a chance encounter on a train bound for London. Bob Roche was an American soldier and Elizabeth was from Ireland. Mr. Roche had gone to see his injured friend in Birmingham, England, when the fateful encounter with his future wife occurred on the ride home. Mrs. Roche and her sister worked as nurses at a base just outside London and were moving older patients to a safer location. They talked the entire three hour ride, and by the time it was Mr. Roche’s stop, the smitten soldier asked the girl for her writing address.  The rest as they say, is history. Nearly 70 years later, the couple still are together and recall their courtship across war-torn England.  ”It’s a true, genuine love story,” Mrs. Roche said. “And it’s a tale that needs to be told.”American soldier Bob Roche thought he saw double when he reached out a hand to pull a young Irishwoman and her twin sister onto a train.

Source – http://thetimes-tribune.com/lifestyles/chance-meeting-on-a-train-during-wwii-led-to-marriage-that-endures-today-1.1628487

These are just a couple of the millions of love stories that happened during war.  In fact, “precise totals are hard to determine, but between the years 1942 and 1952, about one million American soldiers married foreign women from 50 different countries. (Source)

The love stories of war time are romantic, touching, and poignant. A soldier, a veteran has an undeniable love for their country, but during the war time, they found love in unlikely places. For some it didn’t last, but for many, decades later they truly have a love story worth telling! Not only did our veteran’s sacrifice, and service people are still sacrificing today, but so do their loved ones.

One more interesting story:

Due to the generous “proxy-marriage” laws allowed by the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas, many young women, feeling the urge to marry their beaus residing so far afield as a result of World War II, would board buses and trains and head to that far-distant burg with one name on their lips: “Finnegan”. This is the story of Mr. Thomas H. Finnegan, a successful lawyer back in the day who saw fit to do his patriotic duty by standing-in for all those G.I.s who were unable to attend their own weddings.
-and he stood in for a lot of them, too. He was the most married man in America.

Source -http://m.oldmagazinearticles.com/WW2_proxy_marriages_ww2_weddings#.VkOTK9DdslI

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Guest Blogger Infographic ~ How to Find Your First Dance Wedding Song

Thank you to Teresa Devaney from Ocean Sands Hotel for sharing this fun and informative infographic with some great ideas on picking your perfect first song dance! Enjoy!

How to Find Your First Dance Wedding Song

Choosing the perfect first dance song for your wedding can be tricky. Firstly, there are so many choices. From Etta James to Usher, there are literally thousands of romantic song choices that would work for your big day. Trying to blend you and your partner’s musical taste is a whole different matter. You want your first dance song to be beautiful, memorable, soulful and an expression of your love for each other. When it comes to choosing your first dance song, you may already have a song that represents you both as a couple. If you don’t already have a song in mind, it’s important that you take the time to think about what you both want. Do you want a first dance song that will mean you have a slow and romantic dance or something a little more unique by using a piece of music that will surprise your guests? Below is an infographic giving you all the top tips for choosing your perfect first dance song.

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Louland Falls Hosting an Open House Tasting Event

Louland Falls is Utah’s premiere outdoor wedding and reception venue located in the beautiful Parley’s Canyon mountain! They are hosing a wonderful event and want to invite all brides-to-be to join them for an Open House free tasting event TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 7th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm!

The people at Louland Falls know that finding a venue that you love and vendors that are great to work with can be stressful. At our open house you’ll get the opportunity to explore our outdoor venue with its five waterfalls, speak with a selection of great vendors we have invited, and enjoy a delicious sample menu provided by our preferred caterer, Mark from Cosmopolitan Catering.

Cosmopolitan Catering will be serving:

-Boneless Country Style Ribs

-Hand Mashed Potatoes

-Corn Bread

-Pasta Salad

-Cosmo Meatballs

-Asian Chicken Skewers

Vendors in Attendance Will Include:

-Cosmopolitan Catering

-Granite Bakery

-Isaac Wu Photography

-Sax Romney Flowers

-Auteur Weddings Videography

-Petals and Promises Wedding Officiants

-DJ Direct

-Something Vintage, Something Blue

-American Family Insurance

We would love to have all brides-to-be join us for this free open house event! Please RSVP at 801-485-3897lize@loulandfalls.com or janina@loulandfalls.com. If you can’t make it to this tasting, our next open house will be in January 2016.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you much joy while planning your special day!


your Louland Falls Team

Louland Falls is located on Highway 80, Exit 131 in Salt Lake City.  Click HERE for directions.  Salt Lake City, UT 84109


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoulandFalls/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/loulandfalls/

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Leave It To the Leaves

Although many of the beautiful Fall leaves have already changed colors and fell to the ground, I still wanted to blog a bit about one of Autumn’s greatest components! Fall’s natural photo backdrop is a gorgeous array of vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow leaves. The changing colors of leaves in Fall add a lot to the charm and ambiance of an Autumn wedding.  So, why not incorporate this staple, symbolic aspect of Fall – leaves – into more than just the backdrop of your photos. Here are some fun ways to have leaves show up in other details of your weddings as well:

The invitations:

Photo found here

Photo found here

Flower girls throw leaves leaves:

Photo found here

Ring Pillow:

Photo found here

Seating or escort cards:

Photo found here

Photo found here

Wedding arch:

Photo found here

Photo found here


Photo found here

Photo found here


Photo found here

Photo found here

On the cake:

Photo found here

Photo found here

Photo found here

Or even a cute personalized Fall wedding cake topper:

Photo found here

And of course the decor:

Photo found here

Photo found here

There are so many fun ways to incorporate little Fall details like leaves into your Autumn wedding! It really creates beautiful details and a fun element!  Here are just a couple more picture boards of some gorgeous Fall weddings with some fun leaf details:

Photo found here

Photo found here

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